Anonymous Promoting Occupy Saskatoon Protest

Someone identifying with the Anonymous Internet group may have decided that Saskatoon sounded obscure and cool enough to be participating in Occupy Wall Street, that they deserved a little extra boost of attention. The Saskatoon news media jumped all over it, but with an unbalanced article that appears not to have made an attempt to contact anyone in Anonymous for their side of the story.

The very nature of Anonymous, not having a command structure or hierarchy would make it difficult, but that should be explained well in the article. Instead I sent a criticism to the news director.

“Some have used the video’s call to extremism to colour the organized protests in Saskatoon and Regina as hooliganistic.”

These sort of “weasel words” wouldn’t pass muster on Wikipedia, and shouldn’t make it onto a news website. Identify who the ‘some’ are, or at least state that those people have been interviewed but did not want their identities revealed.


Meanwhile, in another example of failed “journalism” a guest rightly calls the CBC “Fox News” as O’Leary attacks him as a “nutbar” while obviously taking the guest’s position personally. It’s a video exchange you have to see, and should be on YouTube for a wider audience to share, as it sums up what’s wrong with the media, and what Occupy Wall Street is all about.

10 responses to “Anonymous Promoting Occupy Saskatoon Protest

  1. Our daily media in Sask. is all about nudging the news in the direction of the corporate agenda. They hold the cards and everyone else can joust with them up to a point. Our “free” expression is limited.

  2. @ Rob Sutherland or Saskboy – i’ve only heard about “anonymous” once on a CBC radio show called Search Engine.

    what is the usual media confusion about Anonymous?

    • Well, Anonymous – – is a group without any real central control – it’s more like a collection of fans of something (sports, science fiction etc.) than it’s like a highly organized terrorist organization such as Al-Queda, ICE or the RCMP. The media portrays them as far more organized, destructive and sinister than they are, ignores their stated motivations of doing it for the lulz and turns them into a vaguely ominous bogeyman instead of doing their research.

      • thanks Rob. that is the perception i had of the group from the conversation that i heard on Search Engine.

  3. John Gormley has been using the video on a daily basis to condemn the rally as thuggish. Isn’t he a host on the station you posted a link from?

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