4 responses to “Depression Not Out of the Question

  1. To be honest, I’ve really had trouble buying the doom-because-of-aging-population meme. All else being equal, which as near as I can make out is how these forecasts are done, every 1% population of older people leaving the labour force is 1% lower unemployment for everybody else. I think we’ll have to be pretty well into the baby boom retirement before that takes us to full employment for them as want jobs–real unemployment, including all the people who would like the opportunity to work but gave up long ago, plus the people working part time who would like real jobs, plus the marginal self-employed who would like real jobs, is probably at least 12%, quite likely 15%. As more pensions are paid out, less EI and welfare will be paid out.
    And if we actually do start getting close to full employment because of that, then labour’s bargaining power will improve, wages will go up, and working people will pay more income taxes.

    Harper’s fiscal approach is still fucked up, and we could well be headed for a depression. Just not for that particular reason.

    • Some of the risk comes from how expensive it is to treat people with the level of healthcare they expect, and our infrastructure that needs renewing. You’re right that it means more jobs for everyone, but the way things are arranged right now, we’re funneling public works money into few private hands instead of public workers. As this privatization trend grows, people are going to feel more and more robbed as public services decline or get out of their price range.

  2. I wonder how many people 60 and older passed away in the past 10 months in this country. If you think that remark isn’t related …think about it because it is. No one ever mentions that. It’s always too many people retiring and retired people are causing all the problems. I’m sick of hearing it.

    • The biggest problem when the elderly retire is not the elders fault but mostly the federal government with their stringent education polices by not allotting proper funding to educate our young students leaving school by no inadequate funding to train them to replace the jobs the elderly vacate in the labor forces. I am sick and tired of the Cons blaming everyone else for their own mismanagement of our tax dollars and poor education practices while they spend a good part of our tax dollars doing photo ops while promoting themselves to their own support base. Too late Harpy, any Canadian with a functioning brain can see right to you and read you like a bad horror book.

      Doesn’t say much for his support group and very deserving!!!

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