On Friday me and my friends went to Jesse’s parent’s farm outside of Welwyn, SK. Along the way we saw the wind farm at Moosimin, including a vertical axis turbine on a tower. The vehicle wasn’t comfortably large enough for five men, but we made it work. We even figured out how to pair a Bluetooth iPod with the stereo system — read the manual because six computer degrees and a certificate isn’t going to cut it with a Mitsubishi.

On Saturday we went to an auction sale in town, and toured St. Lazare, Rocanville, Welwyn, and the PCS mine outskirts. Flood waters are everywhere. We also did some target practice, rode golf carts (with only minor incidents of which alcohol played no significant part), and checked out the Regional Park.

It was the coldest June day I can remember. We spent some time indoors in the evening, and saw “We Are Marshall” [8/10], but missed the first half hour I think. It was on a CBC station that had too many commercials for Lloydminster, including one with deer driving a car that hit a human, “It’s almost like they want to get hit,” exclaimed the deer!

I’ve been without internet for more than 30 hours as I write this. I considered checking email, but don’t want to respond right now anyway, so why bother?

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