War on Drugs

It’s hard to run a country with everyone squawking in your ear about how you have to be just like them, even if they are failures.

The war on drugs is a failure, but Washington is pulling strings in Ottawa and Mexico, and even London too.

If the Pentagon is now taking acts of hacking as “acts of war”, then we’re going to have an even longer “war on terror” than the 10 year war we’re still mired in now in Afghanistan. I wonder when is the Pentagon going to war on itself over its attacks on Wikileaks that make pages like this often inaccessible? Will they use their widely banned weapons to bomb hackers and their children? They shouldn’t need clumsy ordinance, when they can supposedly narrow down where the warrior hackers are.

2 responses to “War on Drugs

    • A tad heavy on extra reading, but I agree, if someone reads them all, the world makes a great deal of sense.

      It also cleaned up my tabs nicely, by finally blogging about them all in one shot that happened to tie together.

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