Moore on CNN ; Media Failure ; Election Results


Press freedom was a huge issue in Election 41, and when I was kindly asked by to write for the Real Agenda feature, I made media complicity in Conservative propaganda over the last few years and during the campaign, my top issue. Not surprisingly, the editor refused to publish it. Giving me another chance, I again gave examples of how the media was distorting the democratic outcome of the election through selective coverage or neglecting to point out lies by politicians. I also gave positive examples like Don Newman cornering Baird in his infamous 2008 lie about coalitions.

On my third try, after I was given the explicit reasons why my first two wouldn’t be published, I wrote about nuclear power, and energy strategy, was applauded for it, and then didn’t see it in print anyway. The campaign wound down and maybe they had too much work and not enough time to print everything? Those articles will come to you through my blog, and possibly independent media willing to publish them.


6201 voters in select ridings in Canada gave the Conservative a majority government instead of a minority government. Yes, it was that close. Vote splitting had a big role in the outcome, so the parties on the centre to left, need to find a way for their competition to work out better next time. I’m tossing around the idea of each in a riding organizing their own rally, and the rally with the biggest number of attendees gets to run their candidate in a swing riding. After all, there is more than just the careers of politicians on the line.

The Sixth Estate is hoping Canadians will organize to come up with solutions to give the majority a majority say in governance.

Of eligible voters in May 2011,
24% … voted Conservative
13% … voted for an MP now in government
2% … voted for a Cabinet minister
0.1% … voted for Stephen Harper
Percentages will be updated pending final results from Elections Canada.

And the Christian Heritage Party and Marxist-Leninist Party each got about 0.1% of the popular vote. The Greens got 3.9% of the popular vote. One concern mentioned by many people who opposed the Greens being in the debates was that it was “one issue” or “fringe”, which is disproved by both its platform and its vastly higher turnout than the most well voted-for other new parties. If the criteria for debate were set at a previous electoral turnout of 0.5% of the popular vote, all minor parties except the Greens would still be excluded from the televised debates. For the record, it’s possible to have televised debates with most or all registered party leaders, but the professional media in this country is hijacked by consolidation, monopoly, and loss of relevant ethics.


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