Saskboy Rips Down This Wall

I’ve never been less pleased to have Brad Wall as the Premier of my province, than I am today. He’s made a fool of himself for the short term political gain of his Conservative buddies in Ottawa, and placed Saskatchewan in a difficult position should the Conservatives lose power in May or later this year as polls suggest they will.

By erroneously claiming that Canada’s parliamentary democracy works in a way that does not exist, he’s done a disservice to people who look to political leaders for advice on properly functioning governments in Canada’s democratic systems. He does not get to unilaterally decide that coalitions are anti-democratic coups, because they are not. Saskatchewan had a coalition government a decade ago, and there was still another election (and another) where he democratically took power. The UK has a coalition government right now!

Brad Wall is leveraging his party’s apparently unbeatable polling numbers, and this province’s reputation, to injure Michael Ignatieff’s reputation unfairly. Brad Wall is now a disgrace to this province! He should retract his letter, and apologize to the people of Saskatchewan, and to Canadians for foisting his unfounded opinion onto us through his esteemed official title.

ADDED: Leftdog weighs in, as I expected.

ADDED: Mandryk adds more, while Gormley adds something that stinks like Wall’s brand of partisan BS.

4 responses to “Saskboy Rips Down This Wall

  1. As a premier in a Westminster model of government, Wall OUGHT to know better. Perhaps I should send him some of my PoliSci 201 textbooks as a refresher in basic parliamentary practise and traditions. Hell, even some dusty old high school Social Studies txts would help him out.

    I guess Wall doesn’t seem to mind that the Harper Cons have taken Saskatchewan for granted much the same as they’ve taken Alberta for granted for years. “They’ll vote for us no matter what we do, so screw Saskatchewan and Alberta.”

  2. Not surprisingly, Wall along with his best friend and deep blue Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, sees nothing whatsoever wrong with Harper assuming power when 63% or 64% of Canadians voted for a party, other that the one Harper leads. It is the king of pretzel logic we should be used to from this lot by now.

  3. #
    Eileen F. Gelowitz As I’ve said “many times” Wall is after Harper’s job. Mark my words!! When Harper comes up with ANOTHER minority government, Wall will be right in there like a “dirty sock” ready to step into Harper’s shoes, when Harper get punted. What “other” Premier is weighing in on the frey? None. Murney, I told you this before and now… it’s happening. LOL!! Saskboy, I’ve been saying this all along.
    What else is going to happen with the Saskies? Boyd will step in as Leader. Donlevy will follow Wall. NDP, will dump Link. NDP will finally put Meilly in place, like they should have in first place. NDP will take over again.

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