Attack Ads Don’t Work Because You’re Smart?

If attack ads don’t work, then why have I heard them repeated to me by ordinary Canadians even though the ads contain fabrications and distortions that a child should be able to see through when it is explained to them?

Why is the “coalition” a “threat” or a “coup”? Why is Ignatieff not “coming back for you”? Why are the Greens a “one issue” party?

Because they’re not! Period. Each of those is an untruth (a lie) paid for sometimes with the help of your tax money (in the form of tax rebates to citizen donors, or 10%ers in the mail), and often as the result of money that should not be allowed to shape political thought in a democracy. And each I’ve heard ordinary Canadians say as if they are facts. When lies are accepted as facts, democracy dies a bit more, and that’s not my claim — it’s backed by history.

There are too many fooled people in Canada, and bad people are poised to reap the rewards of the misinformation they’ve sown into the brains of the unwitting. The question is, are Canadians going to be annoyed enough by the attack parties to do something about it before their freedom of thought is replaced by freepdom of thought?

Canadians stopped allowing cigarette advertising because we admitted it was killing people. The same realization needs to spread about political advertising that contains lies and kills our democracy. When commoners lose their ability to peacefully influence the political system in Canada, we know that people will die (rebellions and revolutions are never without casualties, and they do happen even in Canada too, sadly).

2 responses to “Attack Ads Don’t Work Because You’re Smart?

  1. Attack ads do work, and in subtle and devious ways. Every person I talk to (even the very smart ones) insist that attack ads don’t work on them, they can see right through them, but there’s just something about Iggy that they don’t like. They can’t be specific or put they’re finger on it, and its certainly not the attack ads because they aren’t that gullible, but they just don’t feel a connection with the guy. I want to scream, grab them by their shoulders and give them a shake. They really don’t see how their mind is being manipulated. Unfortunately, it would take years of deprogramming and therapy to fix them, and we only have a week. Time for plan B… (volunteering for local candidates, getting out the vote of committed progressive voters, and calling everyone I know and pleading with them that the future of the country is on the line.)

    • A person with extensive training in psychology could probably explain why it’s so, but ‘smart’ people tend to be as susceptible, or mores so, to con artists, attack ads, hypnosis, and the gambit of mind tricks that a clever mind should notice – if on alert.

      I agree with your point, GOTVote is crucial this time. Parties should focus on it.

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