CPC Campaign Chair Caught Lying on Twitter – UPDATED

UPDATE March 6, 2012: In the context of RoboCon, this post becomes a bit more interesting. I am pointing out that Kady O’Malley disagrees with my point:
@saskboy Actually, that’s not a lie. Sona was ministerial staff, not party. @guygiorno was technically correct in his statement.”
I’d have to say that’s an invisibly thin hair to split, when very few “local volunteers” with a party’s campaign end up in the same room as the Prime Minister, prior to, and during the election.

Keep in mind that the following information is a bit of a sideshow to the election, but it demonstrates the Conservatives’ Party of Canada (CPC) contempt for democracy does not begin or end at Minister Oda doctoring a document, or the cabinet for withholding truthful finance information. The important point to remember is that the Conservatives’ electoral machine conspired to directly disrupt a polling station, and when their grab at the ballot box failed, they used legal threats to try and have 700 ballots destroyed & to scare Elections Canada Returning Officers away from plans to make it easy for some Canadians to vote. When their threat was investigated, EC backed away from holding additional special polls intended to better serve students, but the ballots were deemed valid. The CPC then laughably tries to claim they are now happy with the ballots being counted on May 2nd. They then lied on Twitter about the extent to which the perpetrators at the poll were associated with high level Ministers and the local candidate.

When Guy’s not lying, he’s splitting invisibly thin hairs, or has badly misinformed himself about Sona, the Conservative Minister’s staffer, who tried to illegally grab a ballot box at a UofG special poll. There are public witness accounts of the crime.

joshlavoie Josh Lavoie:
.@cpc_giorno Multiple witnesses saw your guy trying to make off with a ballot box. You said he didn’t. That’s *lying*. #elxn41

Also he’s not telling the whole truth about the accused staffer’s association with the party. He’s not just a local campaign volunteer AND “COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR” of the local CPC candidate, he works in Ottawa with a Conservative Minister.
Sona staffer

cpc_giorno Guy Giorno:
@DrDawg No, Government employees and Party employees are quite different. I chair the CPC campaign. I don’t speak for Ministers’ offices
Guy Giorno:
@DrDawg I replied to a tweet saying he was a “#CPC” staffer. He is not.
Guy Giorno:
@DrDawg He is not employed by the Party. He is not employed by the local campaign. He is a volunteer with the local campaign.

Sorry Guy, you’re caught lying, again (in the Mercury):

“(That) may be the reason why the RCMP would consider him a security threat to the prime minister,” Burke’s director of communications Michael Sona said.

UPDATE March 6, 2012: Was Giorno attempting to hide Sona’s involvement with the CPC campaign nationally?

And Guy doesn’t stop the irony train until it runs off the tracks and bursts through a brick wall of hilarious insanity.

Guy Giorno:
We applaud the EC decision RT @CBCTerry Guelph votes valid, says Elections Canada. #elxn41

That’s an interesting decision to applaud, after the CPC wrote a letter to have those votes destroyed, less than 24 hours earlier!

Guy Giorno:
@stevenmackinnon So you said one thing and meant something different. That sums up not just this exchange but also your party. Goodnight.

What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander, Guy.

ADDED: With the CPC denying Sona’s involvment with the party, when Sona is charged with the crime of interfering with people marking special ballots, the investigation into who he may have conspired with to commit the crime, could lead to some interesting places in Ottawa and the CPC.

Adding to the irony is Stephen Harper:

“In terms of the details of that specific case, our concern is simply that the rules for advance polling, that all the rules of the election, be respected.”

In and Out is what Harper did to screw you out of tax money last election, got caught, his senator and others are facing charges now, and he has the gall to say this? (Truthy fact: Harper is made up of 90% gall.)

“That specific case” really is all he’s concerned about, because it doesn’t bother him when the Conservatives break the Election Act if it means more tax dollars in their coffers.


18 responses to “CPC Campaign Chair Caught Lying on Twitter – UPDATED

    • Thank-you for spelling “loser” correctly, I hate it when it’s spelled “looser”. Your impeccable spelling, but shabby punctuation and attitude says what about you exactly?

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  2. Not surprisingly, given his history of blocking people on Twitter when they call him out, Guy has blocked my Twitter account (I get a “not authorized” note when clicking a link to his status I gave above).

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  4. Not that I am much interested in being fair to Giorno, which is probably true, but at one point he tweeted that Sona was a volunteer in the Burke Campaign, which is to say, he isn’t campaign “staff” , but he’s getting paid by taxpayers to assist the Minister of State in violating election laws ?

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