Contempt for Canada in All Things We Hold Dear

Canada has a world-wide respected, non-partisan elections institution called Elections Canada. Since 2006 the Conservatives have been abusing it criminally, accusing it of partisanship over the In and Out tax scheme their senator Finley and others are facing charges now over, and right up to this week when one of their campaign workers tried to intimidate voters, and personally shut down a special poll at the University of Guelph.

Special box
-Photo by Rob O’F.

Stephen Taylor:
“It appears that the Guelph incident was an unauthorized advance poll done by rogue EC official. Further, campaigning was done at “poll””

It appears that Taylor doesn’t have evidence, and that’s why he used the word “appears”. His quotes around “poll” suggest this special poll didn’t have legitimacy, but his own party has a hotline set up for them apparently. The key issue is that the CPC is concerned about the day these students vote on, even though they are the sort of ballots that anyone can cast from anywhere using a mailbox essentially. Any further calls from the CPC for young people to vote, is pure baloney. Even if the poll didn’t follow all of the rules, is disenfranchising 700 student voters due to a supposed EC mistake, what the CPC wants? Of course! They know their support among youth is less than 20%, and if they can reduce the street-cred of Elections Canada at the same time, then BONUS for them.

kady o’malley
The Conservative Party special ballot hotline can be reached at 1-866-737-6616. #elxn41

And the “campaigning” that we have evidence of right now, is a CPC thug showing up at a special poll to play police man, committing a crime by intimidating voters and attempting to take a ballot box out of the custody of EC officials. That’s been the CPC campaign message for years now -cheating at elections- so making a scene like that at a poll should certainly count as campaigning for the Conservatives, it’s totally on-message.

The CPC version of events doesn’t fly. Why not call the cops if they were legitimately concerned about election crime? They’re covering their butts now, throwing out allegations to see which will stick. It’s possible some might, but when you look at the reason they went head hunting, you can’t really respect their motivation.

Prepare to feel Canada’s wrath at the ballot box – the ones your party hasn’t yet tried to snatch by crook or by lawyer (not redundant?)!


Laura Payton
RT @mchardie: EC: “All info at our disposal indicates that (UofG) votes were cast in manner that respects the Elections Act and are valid.”

ADDED: CPC is on the wrong side of democracy, no matter how this turns out.


11 responses to “Contempt for Canada in All Things We Hold Dear

  1. It is flatly ridiculous to challenge a polling station for partisan reasons. I used to think that at least Canadians had half an eye on their government but now, I’m not so sure. It seems that contempt, vote cheats and a personality cult are all things that we can stomach…which may explain the constant feeling of nausea I’ve felt the past while.

    • Aha! Didn’t think I’d find you here did you Zach. :) Elections Canada admitted procedure hadn’t been followed. Great that the ballots weren’t cancelled, but bureaucracy acting outside of its mandate is as offensive as alleged “vote cheats”.

      • P.S. I haven’t become a huge conservative fan I just happen to think Hanlon’s razor would explain most of the CPCs missteps better than contempt for democracy or malice (as any political party).

      • I don’t care where you find me. I’m all over the place so like any good flu virus, I think you’ll fine that you should run into me here and there.

        Elections Canada admitted that procedure hadn’t been followed but that the act hadn’t been violated either and that the ballots were collected properly. Basically “This is a tool meant to reach voters that may not be able to vote otherwise and was used too liberally here. Now even though we have done this for a few years, the Conservatives came in here and messed their shorts over the whole thing and we really don’t want to deal with that so hey guyz, let’s just stop using this tool for now except in cases where we really really have to. kthnxbai!”

        If you want to know what I think would explain the CPC’s missteps, I would say paranoia and idiocy. Like…extreme amounts of both.

    • Although it’s unfair to convict Geurgis on the allegations, they are entirely plausible to me given her husband’s drug addled history. If that claimed video ever surfaced of her snorting coke off of naked women… I can see now why Harper tossed her under the bus. And if such a video exists, it would be easy to blackmail her over it, making her a very poor MP candidate.

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