The Fourth Estate – Not a CBC TV Show

The media, the professionals, are letting Canada down. If a politician says he won’t answer your questions, you ask them anyway and tell us that the politician bravely ran away. If there’s a scandal that is going to cost tens of billions of dollars, you tell everyone, every day of the campaign if there are politicians and Canadians talking about it. If you’re put behind a fence, step around it. Get a spine. Stand up to your bosses.

TAKE YOUR JOURNALISM BACK, because without a functioning media, democracy will die in Canada, soon.

5 responses to “The Fourth Estate – Not a CBC TV Show

  1. 1. Where was your outrage the first day Iggy decided to talk about doors instead of answering a simple question about coalitions.

    2. The word “journalist” usually means fair and equitable reporting of a story. Terry Milewski? Jane Taber? Thomas Walkom? I’ve never read a pro Conservative story from them.

    3. Billion dollar scandal? I guess you forgot that Chretien paid $50. million U.S. to join the task force to develop the CF 35.

    When is this flip flop of Iggy’s going to stop.

    Harper your time is up . . . no it’s not . . . yes it is.

    CF35’s are good . . . no they’re not.

    Corporate tax cuts are good . . . no they’re not.

    Can you imagine this guy as PM and trying to make a decision???

    • Prairiekid, I’m not going to be as curt with you as MoS, but I understand his outrage at your BS. You’re talking about “doors” a week later? Where’s your concern or outrage over CONTEMPT? You haven’t yet realized that if Canadians reelect Harper after he was removed for CONTEMPT, that Parliament is done. We have ANARCHY at best, and a DICTATORSHIP at worst, because the government does not have to answer our questions, they are untouchable. We’ll be giving a MANDATE to a politician to LIE to and HIDE from us.

  2. Well, look who just joined the Count Iggy campaign:
    Hubert T. Lacroix is the current President and CEO of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
    Nah.. No bias here.

  3. The oh so predictable bullshit from prairiechild and ridenrain. Hey PrairieKid, you fuckwit. Sure we paid 50-million dollars to participate in the F35, basically observer status. Everybody thought it had great promise back then. But the Libs never committed the country to a 30-billion dollar boondoggle. Tell you what, dipshit. Divide 50-million into 30-billion which would be thirty thousand million. Better yet, subtract it. The remainder would be $29,950,000,000. Does that help you put it in a better perspective? Why are you so insistent on parading your stupidity?

    Ridenrain, I won’t even bother with you. You’re such a tool.

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