More Debates, Not Fewer Debaters

Harper and Ignatieff refuse to debate Elizabeth May
Free image from two free images. Stephen Harper to the Liberal crested rooster’s right wing.

There is a he-said-chicken-said debate on Twitter right now about who is backing down from Ignatieff’s and Harper’s One On One debate challenges. In my view, they are both of the feathered species, because they’ve both folded to the Broadcast Consortium who says that Elizabeth May can’t debate against them, even though the Green Party was in the 2008 debates, and gets tax money because they got almost 1 million votes last election too.

I’ve been asking people to share this quote: “More Debates, Not Fewer Debaters”, since it’s one that almost everyone can agree on. The thing is, support seems to break down when some partisan people try to reconcile it with their stance on televised leaders debates.

I want chickens in my backyard, not in the House of Commons.

I want the media to grow a spine, and limit coverage of the Harper campaign if he limits questions reporters can ask. This isn’t China or Russia, a journalist can ask however many questions a politician has time for. If they don’t make time, then citizens should take note, and move their vote. Spend the time covering serious parties and candidates that will answer questions as if this is still a democracy!

I leave you to ponder this: We have an election now because @pmharper was in CONTEMPT of Parliament for refusing to answer questions. He’s still doing it! If Canada is to remain a democracy, contemptible politicians who refuse our questions (because they are lying and hiding) must be punished at the polls.

Harper flees on his Chicken Wing plane.

This is BIG.
A “chicken and a liar“. The media is catching up to me.
It’s hard for some to remember Canada’s a democracy still.
Captain Weasel? They eat chickens.

EVEN MORE ADDED: Murray Mandryk uses most of my catch line of “more debates”.

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