In and Out of Debates

The latest In and Out scandal is brought to you by the CBC, CTV, Global, and TVA, also known as the Broadcast Consortium. They let Elizabeth May of the Green Party of Canada participate in the televised leaders debate in 2008, after initially not letting her in. Now they’ve excluded her again. It’s the Out and In and Out scandal that has swept “coalition” out of the top spot of the election buzz.

The media coalition, I mean consortium, is a toxic body of a few supposed journalists (or really the wranglers of real journalists) who have again made a cynical and grievous mistake that can only be called anti-democratic. The free press, or fourth estate, is entrusted with informing citizens with facts, so that citizens can make sound choices when choosing their leaders during an election. The free press has failed us. Our democracy is thus eroding.

It’s gotten so bad that the leading party is removed from government for CONTEMPT of Parliament, and their support isn’t justifiably decimated. A rational person can conclude that the facts surrounding the circumstances of the Conservatives defeat in Parliament, haven’t reached the ears of the majority of Canadians, and/or that most Canadian voters are now incapable of identifying important factors in keeping Canada a democratic nation. Not voting for criminals and liars seems like a good place to draw the line? The governing party not being able to lie and hide billions of dollars of expenditures, would also be a good place to start! And not stealing from taxpayers during an election is another fine issue to punish politicians on too.

In closing, I want more debates, not fewer debaters. I support Steve’s idea for new and more varied formats of debate, even one on one debates, so long as all leaders of all registered parties are entitled to participate. Their past performance may not indicate their future performance, just like mutual funds, so let’s stop basing everything on brand name, and get back to democracy and ideas. I’m calling the idea Canadian Idol, except this version would matter.

8 responses to “In and Out of Debates

  1. The Canadian media is a consolidated monstrosity. Even the Americans have news mediums more diverse and balanced than we do.

    We have a few major news conglomerates, one government funded broadcaster, CBC, that is supposed to be a public broadcasting network but instead looks more like a private corporation living off of the government dime, and even this limitted variety of so-called journalism seems to get much of their stories from something called “the Canadian Press”. We have media that cares more about some airhead like Justin Bieber than the crisis in Libya or the upcoming election, and the people follow what they are told.

    Sad, really. Maybe we should have the CBC retooled so that it really is a public broadcaster.

  2. It will be really interesting to see how this all plays out in the end. If we could just dump our first past the post system for some sort of proportional representation the Greens would have seats in the huse and put and end to this argument

    • Which is one strong argument for including the Greens. Many of the objectors to May being in the debates are also supporters of electoral reform, which includes a more proportional system. If they had their second wish, they’d contradict their first wish to exclude May because Green Party votes from ’08 would have elected close to 20 Green MPs!

  3. To me it’s just amazing that anyone would vote for a party that has demonstrated, and been brought down, for their contempt of parliament, let alone consider that it would be good to allow them a majority.

    Of course the Green Party should participate in public debates! And probably some other smaller groups too. If their ideas are poorly presented or not feasible, it will soon become apparent.

    Lately my goto ‘news and analysis’ sources have been Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) and Al Jazeera English, both available to me via the Internet and both non-Canadian. And since I use Bell for Internet and TV, why pay twice to the same company, for the same content, when I can connect my computer to the TV.

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