Media Failing Left Right and Center

Elizabeth May and the Green Party have not been “invited” to the televised leaders debates, by the undemocratic broadcast consortium. They moved the goal posts again, and are again going to face the wrath of public disapproval, until they correct their grievous mistake.

I’m spitting mad! This happened in 2008, and it’s a FARCE that it is happening again now. At least the effect last time was to wake more people up as to our “free press” not being free or unbiased. However, it also makes people feel helpless in a democratic system, and that’s a crying shame. SHAME on the broadcast consortium for doing this. Responsible journalists everywhere should stand up to their media bosses, and TAKE YOUR JOURNALISM BACK.

The Consortium moves the goal posts every time. It’s media corruption, pure and simple. Any excuse they can come up with can be defeated with a counter-example from a rational person. If you disagree, and dare, try me!

Let May Debate!
And all registered parties should be invited to debate on TV. Not all at once, but coverage given to the top 5 parties should be matched in air time for all the rest. It’s only fair, and democratic to do so.


The Old Boys’ Club is at it again. Elizabeth May has been denied entry into the televised leaders’ debates.

Instead of speaking up to defend true democracy, other party leaders seem relieved—perhaps due to the glowing reviews Elizabeth received after her first appearance in the 2008 debates.

What kind of democracy excludes a party with the support of one million of its citizens?

What kind of democracy allows a handful of TV executives to decide that a party that only runs candidates in one province has more right to be in a national leaders’ debate than a party with candidates in every riding?

In the last election, your voices won Elizabeth her rightful place in the debates. We can’t believe that we have to ask you to rally on her behalf yet again. But we do.

Here’s what you can do:

Vote in CBC’s poll on whether Elizabeth should be invited to the leaders’ debates
Donate to support Elizabeth’s battle for inclusion
Sign our petition
Send a text message to the Chair of the Media Consortium, Mr. Troy Reeb of Global TV on his cell phone at 647-261-3752
Email the news directors of consortium members CBC, CTV, Global, TVA
Email party leaders Stephen Harper, Jack Layton, Michael Ignatieff and Gilles Duceppe
Forward this message to your friends and family
With your help, Elizabeth will show Canadians why Greens belong in the House of Commons. And why there’s no debate that she belongs in the debates.

Thank you for taking part in our fight for true democracy in Canada.

13 responses to “Media Failing Left Right and Center

  1. As much as I like her, and the greens, I can understand why they made this decision. With 5 participants, you don’t get a chance to hear any of them talk & respond in a coherent way, and its too hard for the average person to follow. If there were going to be several rounds of debates, I might say she should be included in one of them, and at least one debate should be a 1-on-1 between the only candidates who might end up as PM.

    • It worked in ’93 and ’08 (probably other years too). But let’s go with your point, and accept it instead. Let’s fix the problem with more debates like Iggy suggests. Have a few one on one debates on national TV too. Invite all registered party leaders who can get to Ottawa under their own fundraising, to national TV debate time. It’d be like Canadian Idol, only it would matter.

  2. Not to age myself, but back in ’93 they had a “lesser known leaders” debate on CBC NewsWorld. It featured the smaller parties at the time, including the Communists (or maybe the Marxist-Lenninists, or both), the Greens Party, the Christian Heritage Party, the Libertarians, Natural Law, and so on. I actually found it quite interesting, although with all due respect, you could figure out pretty quickly that the people involved weren’t exactly prime time players.

    Personally I’d love it if they did that again. I’m actually agnostic as to whether Liz May gets invitied to the “main” debate, but regardless, a debate with the smaller parties would be something I’d watch.

    • Interesting, and I think that would be an acceptable solution (for parties that have had no notable support previously), but the debates would have to be on the same network(s) as the main attraction, to be close to fair.

      • Well, I doubt if you’d get the main “broadcast” networks to cover it, but the news channels might. Heck, even if a “minor party” debate was only broadcast on CPAC, it would give the “fringe” parties much more exposure than they ever got during the last few elections.

  3. Forget May, to minor a party.

    Do what the Dutch do (They have about 10 parties with seats)

    Take the top four, let them go at each other one on one for 10 minutes per topic.

    An example clip (I know its in Dutch, but you can see the format)
    This clip is between Freedom Party Geert Wilders and Labour Party Job Cohen.

    • If we had more parties with seats, I think we could do what the Dutch do. Otherwise we should work with a Canadian solution to a Canadian electoral problem, right?
      Why not take the top 5 and do your idea? What’s the arbitrary number of 4 do for anyone? You do realize that a human can keep about 7 items in memory at a time (which explains phone numbers for instance).

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