A Bigger Election Picture

Canada is in a loveless marriage. That’s how Zach Bell sums up our political status – ready for divorce or reconciliation. The politicians and voters avoiding each other, hoping they don’t have to interact and can both go about their daily business. The kids are unhappy and want a new parent in charge, but have little say unless they go live with their uncle in Norway.
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I want to cover the coming election campaigns in a different way than I have in the past. It’s always been fun before, but not satisfying on some level because I don’t feel I have enough impact. I think most people don’t feel they have impact, and so they stay away from even trying. How can we empower people again? Is Electoral Reform simply “marriage counseling” and doomed to failure because the love left a long time ago?

I don’t think I’ll feel I’ve had enough impact on the country unless I convince a majority of my peers to care enough to vote. I seriously hope that doesn’t mean I have to lead the country, turn it into a terrible dictatorship, and thus inspire a popular rebellion like Egypt got. Don’t make me make you care about democracy!

How do we get off the electoral treadmill by peaceably connecting people with politics again?


5 responses to “A Bigger Election Picture

  1. Not expecting this to be a thread topic anywhere…..dental coverage would be most efficiently made universal for those who brush their teeth. Might want to grandfather in existing tooth decay. If you have plaque, this is a symptom of not brushing, right? Thus not covered. There are problems in that someone could get a cleaning under the counter…but con be addressed. The thing that got my attention was 6 yrs life expenctancy lost from weakened immune system if no brushing. Salt is similiar issue.
    Potash is a SK resource. Can always prospect in western MB. IDK, maybe looking at any further buyouts as a long-term trust is the best way. $50B is $50000 a person or $2500/yr/person. Not enough to diversify I don’t think.

  2. The government (used to) cover dental and eye stuff if you were under a certain age and your parents made less than a certain amount. I am grateful for this.

  3. I’ve also been feeling like the way forward is to convince people to participate, to vote. A lesson we can take from Wisconsin is that when enough people care, politicians respond. And it makes sense. They want to be in power. Rather than hold that against them, why not take advantage of it? It’s the way the system was meant to work. Make them work to please us. That will never happen if people don’t care, don’t vote. But how do you get people to care, to vote? Challenge our friends and family is a good start. Beyond that? Maybe some sort of campaign that targets people who didn’t vote last election–take control, promise to vote…

  4. One of my friends who I didn’t anticipate would vote, says they are voting, and I know a young blogger who is voting for the first time, so there is hope for this country, it just isn’t as widespread as I’d like.

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