Common Sense, Japan’s Quake Ripples

I was up late last night, not only trying to spread word of the news in Japan and the Pacific Rim, but counter reports that there were “no advisories” for BC and North America on (a website that last night was incorrectly reporting the preliminary magnitude wrong at 7.9, when everyone on Twitter already knew it was 8.9), and therefore no danger. Ha! I don’t want the last laugh in a disaster, but an hour after Stephen Taylor and some random tweeter in BC who got RTed by Miss604, there was an advisory of a watch. Then this morning that watch was upgraded to a warning (for many North American areas although not B.C.).

I agree, crying wolf isn’t a good idea, but actively telling people it’s okay and there’s no danger is irresponsible (like Conservative Minister level irresponsible) when an 8.9 magnitude earthquake is sending tsunami waves into the east coast of Japan, and there’s no land standing in the way of the quake and the North American coastline. Use some common sense! The website was not up to date, and a prediction of an advisory, after watching the Boxing Day Tsunami unfold half a decade ago, prepared me to calculate that some sort of detectable wave would impact B.C. I asked my Twitter followers to monitor news reports, and not accept that there was simply no danger because none had been calculated yet by a US government agency.

On the radio this morning, they explained that low tide was experienced on the Canadian west coast around when the first tsunami waves started to roll in around 7:00 a.m. local time.

In Japan there are photos and videos of cars, buses, planes, ships, semi trucks, and homes being swept away (some buildings on fire), like bugs in a bathtub. Hawaii will see some damages too today, and hopefully no deaths there. Hundreds are killed in Japan already, and the death toll could be in the thousands, or tens of thousands if the missing are not found alive.

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