Gone Fishing

My goldfish is on his last legs. My Mum bought him for me from Walmart (I think) for about $.60 in 2004 after I started a new job in a new city. “Ah greaaat,” I thought. “Now I have a pet to care for when I want to leave town every other weekend. Fortunately for me, goldfish only last a couple years, and this one’s already unable to keep his balance.” About 7 years later, Comet was still swimming, a goldfish bowl upgrade and nearly decade later. If he doesn’t pull through today it’s the end of an era.

In honour of Comet, consider talking to your family today about the importance of organ donation.


A link on Disinformation led me to wondering why I didn’t think of turning old satellite dishes into solar cookers before now. There are fantastic and simple designs here too.

Speaking of solar power, my parent’s system, on this ~-20C day, is producing the most electricity I’ve seen it kick out, at 3kW. It’s produced over 100kWh in the last 7 days.

48.7GWh is the lifetime total production of all Envoy tracked Enlighten Enphase solar panels.


First I wrote about death, now it’s taxes.
The interest rate in Canada held fast today, but Garth Turner is predicting a rise in the rest of this year that may double interest rates from their current position. I think he’s probably correct, but two of my friends predict little or no movement on Interest rates. We’ll see who is right.

If you’re saving money, and odds are you aren’t if you’re Canadian, then you should put money into a TFSA saving plan before bothering with and RRSP.


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