Intentional Cloak and Choke Means Democracy Broke

It’s becoming less fair to characterize Canadians as apathetic toward politics, when they have an intentionally duplicitous government choking off information citizens need in order to be politically aware.
Stephen Harper - Jan-23-06
-Photo by TeddyBoy

Your Prime Minister knows exactly what he’s doing when he runs meaningless attack ads, and blocks access to information. He’s choking the political life out of you, so he can control you. He explained it that way himself:

Six years ago, as opposition leader, [Harper] wrote these words in an essay published by the Montreal Gazette: “Information is the lifeblood of a democracy. Without adequate access to key information about government policies and programs, citizens and parliamentarians cannot make informed decisions and incompetent or corrupt governments can be hidden under a cloak of secrecy.”

It would be hard to put it better than that.

This isn’t just an issue affecting journalists, civil libertarians and opposition MPs. You’re being kept in the dark about what’s happening to your tax dollars and your country.

What do you do when you’re being choked? Canada has developed a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome. How do you fix a country that has more than 1 in 3 voters suffering from sympathy for their information captors?


6 responses to “Intentional Cloak and Choke Means Democracy Broke

  1. It would be stunning news except, Ive heard the same claims for the past 30 years by Con and Lib opposition members and they’re supporters. Harper wrote that because the media and opposition mps could not get information on was being “choked”.
    Had Martin followed Chretien’s advice and rode it out he’d probably still be PM now. I’m not disagreeing with your post, but, doesnt it make you wonder why that no matter who is in charge govt secrecy becomes top priority?

  2. It does make me wonder. Why did I say more than a third of voters suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, when fewer than a quarter of voters will regularly support the Conservatives?

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