Regina Transit Website Needs Improving

Regina Transit recently implemented a new RFID payment system. It works somewhat well, with some major drawbacks and minor annoyances. Their new website is potentially fantastic, but fails the testing I’ve given it the past few weeks.

Here’s the feedback I gave at the website, hopefully to reach suitable eyes soon that are connected to the brain of someone willing to fix the websites.

I have trouble with the vast number of links to search on the left pane of the website, when usually I’m looking for Regina Transit, not (Transit Services).
The transit map should be a higher resolution, it is not legible on my iPad screen, rendering it useless. It works, barely, on my computer screen.

The TransitLive site, and I hope you can fix it, is frustrating to use. It looks brilliant at first glance, but when put to the test it’s complicated or impossible to find the most important information which is “When is the next bus at this stop?”

Someone should be able to enter the stop number, and instead of first showing a slow-to-load google map, it would display the times and buses that stop there next.

At TransitLive I’ve completed their survey.
Using static maps, I can’t zoom in on the image on my iPod Touch, and it almost works by clicking, but then it switches to a google map just before it gets useful enough to see the direction and numbers of the buses I need.

When I “Go to Stop on Live Map: it loads the whole city, and eventually shows a couple buses and a home blot to guess where the website viewer is located. Instead, the Stop Number entry box should bring up the crucial information of what buses stop there next. This is how Ottawa’s bus system stop numbers responded when you called their automated system in 2002. The graphical map of where the bus actually is, is nice, but doesn’t tell someone what time they can expect the bus which is what they really want to know.

TransitLive has a very simple task to perform, but it complicates things. Enter a stop number, press Go, and it should show every bus that comes next, for the next hour. Then you should be able to do other things with the stop number or intersection entered.


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