Patriot or Rebel?

A patriot is someone who loves their country, and defends it. A rebel is someone who fights their country for a new order. It’s becoming harder to discern who are patriots, and who are rebels, because governments are not open. Even in America, and Canada, secrecy is growing and governments are becoming less transparent. If you look at a tiny portion of the WikiLeak’ed secret US cables, you’d realize that’s a fact. The point is, if your government claims to be a democracy, but it actually governs by secret rules, intimidation at borders, and detention without habeus corpus, then are supporters of free speech now rebels?

The shameful mistreatment of WikiLeaks’ past and current employees by the US Government, has me worried. Is it even safe for me to return to the United States, when I openly speak about their abuses on the free press? My computer, cell phone, and person could all be detained for indefinite lengths of time, just by going through a Homeland Insecurity checkpoint. This is not an exaggeration. I’m not as important as Jacob Appelbaum or Julian Assange, but I am legitimately concerned that I could one day face their fate. When the US security machine consumes the big fish, will it just shut off, or keep eating the small fry until the patriot/rebel ocean is dry?

I think what may worry me the most, is that the vast majority of North Americans are content with the growing oppression. Is this what the 1930s felt like? Citizens are unwilling to stand up to corruption and open crimes in their government because of the ease with which the commoners can have their middle-class lives ruined with a trumped up charge, a strip search in an airport, or libel in a ruling-class newspaper.

8 responses to “Patriot or Rebel?

  1. It is just that fear of losing our status in society that they are counting on to keep dissent in check. However as more and more are stripped of that status through unemployment, underemployment and debt this strategy loses it’s effectiveness and all they are left with as a means of control is violence and oppression. Hence the need for a vast expansion in prison capacity.

  2. Let’s look at Canada.

    No free speech allowed. (HRC says so)
    State controlled media.(Big Gov is in bed with the media,not just CBC)
    State controlled liquor sales.(Big Gov sets the prices for booze)
    State controlled health care.(Big Gov controls your health care)
    State controlled gasoline prices.(Big Gov tells you what the price is)
    State controlled education system.(Big Gov sets the agenda for kids)
    State controlled hydro-electric system.(Big Gov sets the prices)
    State controls food prices.(Big Gov tells you how much milk is)
    State controlled gun control(Big Gov controls your right to self defense)
    State controlled natural law.(Big Gov jails you for defending your house)
    State controlled social-engineering.(Gun control, ban on capital punishment, gay marriage are all activist court decisions, not from the people)
    State controlled abortion.(Big Gov forces you to pay for abortions)

    The list goes on and on.

    The only freedom we enjoy is being sheep for the Royal family we have here in Canada.

  3. I can’t agree with the state being pushed out of all of those roles, after all the state is supposed to step in where citizens mistreat their neighbours with inequality forbidden in our constitution.

    Kev, I have an underlying thought of wondering when (not if) I’ll be seeing one of those new jails, simply for being outspoken about politics.

  4. Louise was too shy to say on my blog that I’m a “delusional nutbar” for wondering aloud when the sort of police state that she rails against in Egypt will arrive in the USA. Is unlawful detention of a blogger at a US border much different from the arrest of a blogger in Egypt? It’s okay to be a political prisoner if you’re not in a Muslim state?

    Louise, I’d say “takes one to know one”, but I’m neither delusional, nor flavoured by nuts.

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