2010 in memoriam

– RIP Jon Swift

Many people were born in 2010, and I don’t know any of them (yet). Many others died in 2010, and I knew a few of them, and others I would have liked to know. My grandfather’s last living sibling passed away in her 90s. The Conservatives lost their 10%er mailbox spam propaganda. I appeared on TV dissing Brad Wall’s opposition to the world working out a means to scale back our out of control pollution, before the Copenhagen conference failed miserably.

Many famous, and not famous people died last year. Several bloggers passed away, Jon Swift among them and I learned of his passing today by reading Miss Cellania’s year end roundup. I’d spoken with Jon (Al) by email and he had me on his generous and open blogroll. Al was right when he wrote that many live fast and die young.

My blog suffered over 12,222 spam comments in 2010, according to an email WordPress.com sent me yesterday. It was also incorrect about world food stocks collapsing in 2010, and fortunately that won’t happen in 2011 either. The most popular post was about Stephen Colbert saying, “Sarah Palin is a Fu*king retard“, and my various posts on WikiLeaks were by far the most popular search hits. It’s been more than a year now that I’ve not had my years of blog archives online, and I miss them regularly.

2010 wasn’t all bad though, even though there were significant disasters that befell the world. The BP oil spill, the arrest of Julian Assange, and the G20 mass arrests in Toronto were low points. On a more personal level, I made several wonderful trips to the US and Mexico, got engaged, and remained healthy for another year. My father recovered from life saving heart surgery, and most of my family is well too. 2011 holds a lot of promise, and this is going to be a fascinating decade!

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