SaskPower: Conserving the Conservative Way

Let’s build a nuclear power plant to increase our energy supply! (Or we could build a lot of solar power towers at a fraction of the price, with no nuclear waste generated.)

Let’s focus on Clean Coal [newlink], and then delay its implementation further! (It’s okay, CCS is simply a way of putting North Dakota’s CO(2) into the Weyburn oil field so more oil is pushed out into tanks for refining and burning.)

Let’s add solar power to the grid, at a rate of 50 customers a year, in a province of 1,010,000! (At that rate, it will only take 2000 years to convert 100K customers.)

13 responses to “SaskPower: Conserving the Conservative Way

  1. Agreed! Eternal vigilance is needed when we’re talking about the nuke pushers. The nuke industry has deep pockets (courtesy of the public purse) which they use for some of the slickest PR and lobbying of any industry. The whole “nuclear renaissance” meme was an industry-manufactured phrase with zero basis in reality. Any renaissance is merely wishful thinking but if governments buy the idea that there is a renaissance, they may be inclined to jump on the (non-existent) bandwagon.

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