WikiLeaks Chill

The United States government is so desperate to suppress whistle blowing, that they are resorting to torture in the high profile case of Bradley Manning. Manning, who is ACCUSED (not convicted) of leaking a secret classified video of the illegal murder of reporters and civilians in Iraq, is under 23 hours a day solitary confinement. Medical and legal experts agree (in the USA even) that this amounts to torture, as Manning’s mind cannot survive this sort of isolation. He is also being denied minimal sleeping conditions (a pillow and sheets).

It’s shameful for a country that presumes innocence before a guilty conviction in a court of law, to treat an accused person in this manner, no matter the crime. It’s even more disappointing that it’s the United States of America doing it, to one of their own soldiers. It’s becoming more obvious with each passing week that the US is not above holding political prisoners, and torturing them. They’ve lost their moral high ground.


And the dirt on Sweden just keeps piling up. It’s no wonder they are doing the Americans’ bidding in charging Assange with a crime (but not even providing formal details of the charge to him!).

2 responses to “WikiLeaks Chill

  1. When did the definition of torture become such a pussy? As I have said before, the latest “torture” definition out of Guantanamo sounds like a 13-year-old girl’s slumber party. I mean if sexual mortification and sleep deprivation meet the definition of torture…

  2. Sleep deprivation has for a long time met the standard of torture. Even if it isn’t, it’s pure vindictiveness to not even give the guy a pillow to sleep on. And it’s great how you don’t address the issue at all that he’s not convicted of anything, yet they are punishing him as they would someone already convicted, despite him not being violent or suicidal *yet*.

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