2 Degrees Off

I think this post’s title would be an excellent blog title, one that focuses on climate change. It’s expected that a rise in average temperature of only 2 degrees Celsius, would end up flooding many nations and initiate the political strife that will come from climate refugees landing in the West and wherever else they can escape to to grow food.

The non-binding agreement in Cancun last week determined that if we were to base political pollution policy on science, and want to prevent a quick rise in the global average temperature, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20-45% less than 1990’s levels, no later than 2020. In comparison, the Saskatchewan government who is going by political (not scientific) targets, has picked the Conservatives’ magic numbers of 20% less than 2006’s pollution level by 2020.

According to Environment Canada, Saskatchewan’s greenhouse gas emissions are rising rapidly — they increased 62 per cent from 1990 to 2004.

Crap, eh? They aren’t even in the same ballpark; they’re playing little league while Nolan Ryan is throwing them fastballs.


And speaking of things that stink, the Regina Board of Education is sticking to their ridiculous plan to close schools, despite evidence of increasing child population. Small class sizes provide better education on average, anyway.

School board meeting

The Regina Public School Board received more presentations in support of Athabasca School at their Dec. 14 meeting. Marie Karner, the parent of a Grade 8 student, spoke about how her daughter struggled in four different schools before arriving at Athabasca. Her daughter spoke as well, saying that she has flourished academically and socially in Athabasca’s friendly small-school environment. Bob Hughes noted that his youngest grandchild is on a wait list for Athabasca’s pre-school, a sign that the school is growing, not declining. He also re-stated the parents’ concerns about the lack of a clear plan for the school’s 20 special needs students in the event of closure, and produced a letter from Premier Brad Wall that appears to support the parents’ contention that all kids should be counted as part of core enrollment. Copies of written presentations and correspondence with Premier Wall are posted at www.realrenewal.org under ‘School Closures.’

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