Progressive Blogger Passes Away

Bruce McDonald, a blogger long seen on the website, has died, according to comments on his Facebook page. I’d never met Bruce, but he’d left comments on my Facebook, and probably my blog too over the last years. It’s always sad when someone you’ve met passes away, and it’s the same for online contacts whom you’ve come to expect to “see” comments from.

I wish the McDonald family healing and comfort in a difficult time for them.


It’s a strange thing when a “facebook friend”, “blog buddy”, or “chat room chum” passes on. In most cases, we never meet who is on the other side of a keyboard in an online forum, yet people can spend hours a day interacting with other people in this way. I can think of several people in my online life who have died. It’s a cross between a celebrity, coworker, acquaintance, and friend dying.

It’s especially sad that Bruce’s death appears to have been at least partially the outcome of extreme levels of bullying he experienced in his childhood.

2 responses to “Progressive Blogger Passes Away

  1. Bruce knew so many folks through blogging. Most became friends. He loved a debate, he sometimes told me he didn’t blog about something because others were doing such a good job of it. He really felt close to his friends online and found a community that he felt comfortable in.

    He was my guide to progressive voices online. I was lucky to be with Bruce, to share many a beer as he told me of his latest new friend, of some bright blogger out there.

    Bruce was a homebody, he had to be dragged out, he was happy once he got out but it took a bossy little guy like me to get him out. That’s why those online greatly enhanced Bruce’s life.

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