It’s a Cyber-Spy-War!

The news is fascinating right now! The biggest news story of the year (if you discount the BP oil blowout*) is underway, and it’s watchable from your computer. It’s Citizens vs. State Secrets.

It would make a fantastic movie:
– There are world leaders talking frankly as if Citizens can’t hear.
– There’s obvious interference in international affairs by American spies or diplomats. There are bogus allegations of sex crimes against a founder of Wikileaks. (When else have you heard of Interpol tracking someone down using a “Most-Wanted” list, when they are accused of sexual misconduct in Sweden?) There’s escalating American government pressure put on websites like EveryDNS, and Amazon (and now PayPal/eBay) to censor their content, and the businesses are caving in! How could they not? The first 2 of those three are being deluged with bot-net DDoS attacks, likely hired by American spooks.
– Canadian Conservative pundit making death threats on the CBC! Why hasn’t Assange been assasinated yet? Possibly because of the Wikileaks “Insurance” file that was leaked on Bit Torrent networks months ago. If a more critical attack is undertaken against Wikileaks, the USA risks whatever information is contained inside it, being released all at once with the utterance of a code phrase on Twitter or other social media site.

CNN could devote 24 hour coverage to Wikileaks stories, and not run out of content for years, that’s how massive this news story really is. The Library of Congress is blocking employees and visitors from accessing Wikileaks, violating Americans’ First Amendment rights. Wikileaks has been doing what they do for 4 years, and they are still a game-changer. The United States’ reputation is being rewritten as I write and as you read this.

So many things that were never supposed to be able to happen to the USA happened this week, and they are throwing the kitchen sink at Wikileaks before Citizens read and hear what has been going on in their governments contrary to their politicians’ claims.

*If Julian Assange isn’t newsmaker of the year, Bradley Manning could be, or Tony Hayward of BP infamy.

UPDATE: And it just gets more interesting as time goes by!

7 responses to “It’s a Cyber-Spy-War!

  1. CNN *could* devote 24hrs a day to the story and not run out of angles. The problem is, the media in general, as corrupt and decrepit as our politicians, is doing a piss-poor job of facilitating a relevant debate. Instead they are focusing Assange himself. Perhaps WikiLeaks shouldn’t have had such a public front-man. I’m not sure. In any case, I enjoyed this debate on Democracy Now:

  2. I agree the media is doing a terrible job of presenting this story. I don’t think Wikileaks could have avoided a personality front-man, if there hadn’t been one, the media or US Govt would have made one up to demonize.

    Today I had to correct a Sun Media story that claimed Assange was wanted for Cablegate, when in fact there are no charges pending anywhere for what he did because it’s not a crime for a journalist to publish material leaked to them. Even in the USA that’s protected speech for their citizens supposedly.

  3. I watched the entire video while doing the dishes.
    They made one little mistake, in describing Wikileaks’ IP address as a “DNS address” instead. In fact it’s the domain name that the attacks have rendered useless and somewhat abandoned/censored.

  4. Also of note, in that video, is that the State Dept. is warning employees and FUTURE employees that they cannot look at the information or they risk not getting security clearances (or rather they cannot leave a trail if they look). This is of course preposterous grandstanding, because the information is in the NEWSPAPERS for cripes sake. If they weed out employees based on people who read the news, they are going to miss out on a lot of good employees who’d work in the public interest.

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