I had a cold today and slept until past noon. Then I woke up to find my computer power light on, but nothing on the screen. I shut off the computer and turned it back on, and it started. Then when I looked away for a few minutes, it quit again. I became alarmed at the smell of something burning — it turned out to be my computer’s power supply. DOH!

Crestfallen, having just fixed my main desktop a few months ago, I wondered what I was going to do. April suggested I open my Christmas present early to make up for my computer having just died. The gift package contained a pad shaped replacement (or at the very least a new toy)! Then my roommate suggested repairing my computer with parts I had on-hand, and I realized I probably could. I took the machine totally apart, and got the smelly power supply out of the way for a nearly identical, but working, replacement from one with a bad motherboard.

Then Ian from SaskPower, a project leader for renewable energy programs, called me back. I’d written the president of SaskPower a complaint letter because my parents had paid more than $600 to SaskPower for them to do only about 20 minutes of work on-site, four months after being requested, and then hounded, to do so. Ian was apologetic for the delay, but said there are too many new installations to keep up, and there is not yet a great database in the corporation to schedule Net Metering installations. I thanked him for his response, and asked him to tell his bosses that they aren’t giving his project enough resources, because new Net Metering customers shouldn’t have to ever wait longer than a week.

Aside from the virus attacking my body, and electronics failure in my HP, it’s been a pretty good day.


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