Mexico Day 8 Banana Boat

We took the back of a truck to a boat going to Stone Island. We stopped at an NRC Red ATM, and it was in an admin mode asking to be reloaded. We had just enough pesos and a Canadian $10 to get on the tour after getting nothing more than a laugh from the cash machine.

A few of the islands on the boat tour were white from bird bathroom use. April and I went snorkeling, even tough the tour guide said he couldn’t promise we’d see anything today because a group yesterday didn’t have a good trip. We had a great time though, saw some fish, and another guide took us around some rocks to see more fish. April avoided stepping on the jellyfish she saw on the beach. I went on a banana boat, which is towed behind a motor boat, and it flips (on purpose) at the end. I helped some girls get back onto the boat at the middle of the trip, and it flipped again (on purpose) at the end.

Stone Island
I had a Sex on the Beach, and a couple Pedro and Naomi bought us a coconut filled with juice and then the bar opens it up more to eat the meat too. The coconut was something like $3; the island has a large coconut plantation. The trees take about 17 years to produce, the kids operating the horse and carriage tour told us. I also saw an avocado tree, mango tree, and banana tree. We met another April and her friend from Alberta (who almost fell out of the carriage), and an American ex-Marine from Colorado/El Paso who bused over from Durango.

Stone Island

In the evening we went to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1” [8/10] and I lost one of my 4 spare camera batteries (doh!). We got a bank machine to work at least.

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