Slightly Unexpected Themes

Do you Heart Regina? Catch it on SCN.


Can you retire at 45? There are people who confirm that you can, it just takes decent work, decent saving, and smart investing.


Would you buy an iPad for $35? Well, India hopes to make one for less than that.

Or you can watch an 1984 presentation that predicts the future of touchscreens and video disks like DVDs.
Especially interesting is about 18 minutes in, where he explains that literacy happens when someone is convinced they’ll get something out of reading and writing.


Ryan the other day provided insight into the types of comments you’ll encounter on Web 2.0 websites. Last night, someone left a comment on a 9 second YouTube video I posted 4 years ago, saying “dont post low quality”. I asked him not to post low quality comments in return.

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