Small Town Wedding

While I don’t have a small town wedding coming up, it is a small city wedding, and yes there should be perogies. And I can confirm that how a small town wedding is described in that article, is how it actually is.


There are certainly a lot of strange wedding traditions in the world, and it doesn’t get more old fashioned than requiring discomfort for the bride.

That link came from an interesting discussion on how people repress the urges to sleep, eat, and have sex, in possibly ever growing numbers. Not surprisingly, this causes problems when human nature emerges.


And it’s been an eventful week, not all in a good way. I’ve not had a close friend pass away before, and most of my close family is still alive too thankfully, but my fiance is hurting right now from the loss of one of her friends. He passed away from a long struggle with cancer.


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