Solar Wins the White House Again

It’s happening in the United States [again!], so what’s the hold up here? Reducing pollution is a key way to minimize the effects of climate change. I know I like having cheap and plentiful water, but pollution will put an end to that in my lifetime.

UPDATE: Fixed a link, I missed including the CBC link initially.And here’s a relevant video from Hot Air who is gloating over this development because it makes Obama look like Carter. Yeesh, you wouldn’t want to look like an intelligent President, you know?


12 responses to “Solar Wins the White House Again

  1. Are you on drugs? How can any half-way educated person be so blind to history that they cannot see the massive improvements in the environment since the turn of the last century? Wow, that’s about all I can say, other than myopic catastrophism seems to be the religion of the young

  2. I’d never encountered that law before, but of course the situation plenty of times. It’s hard not to call parody when someone is being so ridiculous.

    ” 3. That anybody, not already in the grip of fundamentalist ideas, will mistake sincere expressions of fundamentalism for parody.

    The most likely reason for this expansion is the tendency for people to “call Poe’s Law” (see below under “Reception and usage”) on any fundamentalist rant even before someone has responded negatively.”

  3. Dean, I’ve not seen those numbers tossed around online, where did you see/hear/read it on CBC?

    Assuming you’re quoting accurately, keep in mind that electricity prices go up about 5% every year in SK (and possibly more in ON).
    3000*1.05=$3150 the next year, and 3150*1.05=$3308 the 3rd year = $9458 after 3 years.
    If power only goes up that much (not realistic, but conservative) then after 10 years it’s 3308*7=$23156 + $9458 = $32614 saved after 10 years, for a $100,000 investment.

    Assuming that hot water is also produced directly, and not mentioned because it’s not “electricity” savings, you save more than $3000 the first year because you reduce natural gas burning.

    And assuming that a system lasts for 30 years, you’ve paid off your investment and everything saved after that is gravy. People invest in 30 year real estate all the time before they have it paid off, this isn’t that different. I don’t understand your objection to it in Ottawa.

  4. It was on the Lang and O’leary exchange. I am not opposed to spending money on environmentally friendly technology but I think PV solar sucks, especially for northern latitudes. 30 years just to get your money back (not discounting for inflation), is a downright awfull use of funds. $100,000 can be put to a lot better use even within Green products.

  5. It’s not 30 years though, that’s the conservative estimate. Better estimates based on more extreme and realistic energy pricing would have it paid off in less than 25 years if not much earlier. If it works, what does the latitude matter. What’s heavier a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?

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