Celebrate Ignorance

A former candidate for the GOP bemoans his loss at his nomination meeting, and the “irresponsible” “ignorance” of Sarah Palin. This guy doesn’t appreciate Limbaugh or Beck; it sounds like he may have a soul.


The NY Times ran with a very irresponsible headline based on lies from the US government. The BP oil and dispersants (detergent) in the Gulf of Mexico is an uncontrolled experiment which the world has never seen before. There is not enough data at this point to conclude that there is “little additional risk” from this point on. Just because all of the oil isn’t on the surface, doesn’t mean it has disappeared. Out of sight is not out of mind, especially for the millions of people who make their living off sea life, and the millions who eat it.


Regina Beach

Rob Ford is a mayoral candidate in Toronto. He must not win. A man so opposed to public health and safety cannot be a positive force in Canada’s largest Ontario city.

I can’t support bike lanes,” he starts, and it gets worse from that point!
“Roads are built for buses, cars and trucks… my heart bleeds when someone gets killed, but it’s their own fault at the end of the day.” -Toronto Star, March 8, 2007

The obvious problems with his viewpoint are too numerous to go after all of them. Most people on YouTube are naturally tackling his obese frame needing more physical activity like biking, but that’s a distraction, he could be 150lbs and still be a tragically ironic hypocrite. Roads are built for vehicles, and pedestrians too. Cyclists are vehicles, and bike lanes are a good way to encourage more people to use smaller vehicles. This reduces traffic and parking congestion so windbags like Ford can get to city meetings faster to make Toronto less safe and more expensive.

(Bi-annual cycling tests, and $200 licenses? Surely you jest? There’s no limit to the potential stupidity of Toronto’s public servants apparently.)

At least there are good people doing good things for Toronto. Some even put their money where their mouths are.

9 responses to “Celebrate Ignorance

  1. I don’t support bike lanes either. Bikes are vehicles. If special allowances need to be made for bikes, then change road rules about them and not the roads.

    Safety will come in the form of public education and understanding.

  2. As a vehicle, a bike is entitled to the ENTIRE lane (just like a motorbike). If you quizzed licensed drivers in Ontario or elsewhere in Canada, I’ll guarantee that you’ll find fewer than 50% who know that, and/or give that allowance. Bike lanes are therefore an obvious solution to outlining to all vehicles where they should be positioned when passing.

    There are all kinds of special allowances (and restrictions) on all sorts of vehicles. Bikes aren’t the only slow moving vehicles, and what if someone wanted to take a horse carriage or electric wheel chair down a street? You can’t educate courtesy into drivers experiencing road rage. Bikes are nothing special, but they are an important component in reducing traffic problems.

    Also, here’s some more public education, including a comment on your statement about education
    http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/08/new-york-bike-accidents.php – as bike ridership increases, fatalities decrease. You can’t say the same about motor vehicles. I wonder if Ford’s heart bleeds when a motorist is killed, even if at the end of the day it’s “their own fault”.

  3. It’s truly amazing how ignorant people can be. It’s people like Ford who cause cyclists harm, and I don’t mean just physically. This “I’m better than you because I have a car/truck/whatever” attitude needs to go. If I had the resources I would move to Holland, or some place where bicycles play an important and significant role in life. Alas, however, I am stuck in cycle-phobic Calgary.

  4. I don’t wanna repeat myself, but we’ve seen the ‘blame the victim’ argument and it’s gotta stop. It’s illegal for bikes to be on the sidewalks, so they must be accommodated on the street. No buts.

  5. But the victim is the easiest one to blame! After all, a dead person can’t defend themselves, so it’s best if the fault is assumed to be theirs. Remember, at the end of the day, if you die in a bike accident, you brought it on yourself. The same logic does not apply to snowmobilers, motorbikers, or any motorist, because they have a combustion engine to vouch for their innocence. Blame the vulnerable whenever possible.

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