Day 17 Mexico

Last night before the Ghost Tour, we saw Batman. He was probably on his way to where they shine spotlights into the sky in PB. At the ghost tour, someone saw a mannequin in a window, mistaking it for a ghost. April and I pranked the group by setting off our car horn when we walked past it. And April got to hold the EMF change detector while a spirit was supposed to play with its lights. We also saw no fewer than 3 skunks around Old Town, one walking down the sidewalk. But the grave sites in the middle of the street was probably the most bizarre experience for me.

Day 17 Mexico

Day 17 Mexico

Saturday we all went to Mexico. We parked on the States side, and walked across, we didn’t even need to speak to a Mexican agent to enter, you just go through a turnstile. On the way back, the American border is a zoo, with about a 30 minute wait in line just to see the customs and border guard. We saw one woman with a child turned away and sent back to Mexico.

Day 17 Mexico

Day 17 Mexico
– Google says this flag is at an army base.

Day 17 Mexico

Several Americans we talked to didn’t recommend we travel into Tijuana, including the border guard who said it was okay in the day, but not at night. I think they’re just parroting what Fox News and the LA Times says and that is wrong or old news. Speaking with a shopkeeper (at Emporium) who has lived in Tijuana for over 60 years, he said it’s only dangerous an hour’s drive east of the tourist area. He has family in the States in the San Diego area, and there was a family dispute after a parent took a child to visit in Mexico after the other spouse had heard it was dangerous.

Day 17 Mexico

He explained that the latest warnings against travel are because a drug cartel head was lopped off, and South American and American gangs are fighting to fill the power void. However, if a person is not involved in drugs, it’s very unlikely you’ll encounter a problem like street shooting. I think there are parts of Regina and America at least as likely to break out in shooting wars.

We ate at a place where the Corona was $2US, and the food less expensive. At one of our tables, the total bill was only $10.50 before tip. There were musicians wandering the restaurant looking to play for pay, and there were t-shirts for sale that said “Say no to drugs, and say yes to tacos”.

Walking down Revolucion Av. and almost as soon as we were through the border, we were greeted eagerly (almost desperately) by vendors that say they have something for you if only you look. Many people have zebra coloured burrows that you can sit on for a picture, for $2-$5US. There are silver bracelets shoved in your face, and the shopkeepers almost universally come out to the far side of the sidewalk to funnel you into their store, asking you to look. Sometimes the greetings are clearly learned long ago, and have no meaning to the speaker, just as we said “no gracias” to most of the shopkeepers.

Day 17 Mexico

April and I did most of the shopping in our group, spending perhaps $25 between us, after haggling prices way down from most of the starting prices, and buying some metal objects too for $26US plus a $20C note I had tucked away, getting us an even better bargain. April at one point felt a little guilty getting such a deal on one item that started at $8 and went down to $2. A sore foot bothered her a bit more consistently in the day though.

We poked through the Outlet mall upon returning to America, after walking forever to the other side of the Interstate. Then we returned home, and soaked in the hot tub with a local. She said I had more of an accent than April does. She also didn’t know what an auger, elevator, or combine mean in an agricultural context, which was amusing.

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