So Much Wrong

There are so many wrong thoughts from the heads of conservative leaders. “Losers” don’t form government, according to Prime Minister Harper. This ranks up there with Chretien’s daft “a proof is a proof because it’s proven”, remark from years ago.

“The verdict of public opinion (in Britain) was pretty clear that losers don’t get to form coalitions. Winners are the ones who form government,” said Harper

And in a strange way, Harper is unintentionally right. Losers don’t form coalitions, and that’s the reason why Layton and Ignatieff are “losers”. They’d be winners if they’d co-aligned their support for a Prime Minister other than Harper, because they’d then BE FORMING GOVERNMENT. The only losers are the Canadian people who suffer through an insidious Prime Minister who thinks coalitions are bad (even though he governs through a defacto-coalition with the Liberals and/or Bloc to pass his money bills the last 4 years).

Meanwhile, debate over the coalition cost me a fan on Facebook today [who apparently deleted or blocked me over my prediction that the Liberals will not form a majority government again in the next 5 years because of their refusal to work with parties like the NDP].


As if Harper’s coalition comments weren’t bad enough, there’s the bank tax too. He claims there’s no desire in Canada for the public to see the banks taxed? Do you know how much Royal Bank made in first quarter profits? More than $700,000,000.00 they earned above expenses. Do you think maybe the people of Canada should have some of that go to bailing the banks out when they screw up again?


3 responses to “So Much Wrong

  1. …debate over the coalition cost me a fan on Facebook today

    If the guy can’t deal with opinions different from his own, then that is his problem, and life will turn out to be pretty difficult for that. People like that deserve our Pity.

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