The Lies of Jason Kenney

This Conservative Minister is a frequent liar. Here’s video evidence of how he’ll say something to a reporter’s face, and the TV camera, that he knows is not true.

The Conservative government is full of liars, criminals*, and boondogglers wasting your money faster than you can make it.

Hat Tip to Susan

ADDED: Many Canadian bloggers are talking about Kenney’s lie.

*While Clement’s “crime” shouldn’t be treated as such, it’s ironic that the law proposed by his Conservative Party would still treat most people as criminals if they use their computers and MP3 players as they currently do. At an average price tag of $0.99 per song, Clement’s music library probably cost him more than $10,000 if he purchased the songs on CD or from iTunes. It’s about 500-1000 CDs worth of music. Tony Clement feels the current law is not working, but he wants a new law that he knows will not work for the majority of Canadians. He’s a hypocrite, caught red handed.

UPDATE: A week later, Conservative ministers attempt to disrupt a parliamentary committee. An NDP member objects very passionately:

10 responses to “The Lies of Jason Kenney

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  6. Thank you for posting all of this. It gives you an insight to what we remaining “Lost Canadians” are having to continue to deal with. We not only are having our citizenship denied but are not even able to get the Minister or his staff to acknowledge the problem or to speak about it until and unless backed into a corner. Then there are promises (aka lies) which remain unfulfilled

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