Reach For It

I almost want the Conservatives to try and put an extra tax on iPods, because it would signal the end of their parliamentary session. Whenever a Liberal or Conservative government in the last years has made a move to change our Copyright Act, the government has been suspended or fallen. It’s probably not only a coincidence.

People don’t like paying taxes, and we already pay a levy on blank recordable CDs. There’s been talk, even from the traditionally progressive politician/musician in the NDP, Charley Angus, of putting a levy on iPods and other MP3 players, which are more often used to listen to downloaded music than CDs are these days.

Join the facebook group to help stop the Conservatives and Liberals who want to make you pay more for MP3 players, and to be subject to RIAA/CIRA lawsuits, as Americans are under the DMCA.

5 responses to “Reach For It

  1. i think a lot of people who talk about copyright don’t vote; i don’t think it’s an election losing issue

  2. To be clear, it’s actually the Cons who are demagoguing against a blank media levy similar to what’s been applied to CDs and tapes for ages. Effectively the choice comes down to a tradeoff between compensating artists through a levy on the media used to reproduce content as argued by Angus, or putting in place a draconian DMCA-style system which leads to results like this – and while the levy probably won’t be popular, I’d have to think that the prospect of fines in the tens of thousands of dollars for seeking out one’s choice of content would be even less so.

  3. The choice isn’t really just two options though. Angus gave up and/or doesn’t care if it’s levy based, but I think most Canadians think that even that is unfair to them. It’s only a minority of content creators that feels there even needs to be a levy system, or a DMCA.

  4. Hmmm…wasn’t it the Liberals who first brought in this kind of thing? An extra tax on blank CD’s, wasn’t it?

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