Government Blocking of Blogs

I often write about issues that I think levels of government should access so they can educate themselves. Average people add volumes of expert and casual data on a variety of subjects to their blogs every day. The civil service needs to help our politicians digest this information, and implement improvements to our society where improvements can be made.

But many levels of government block the civil service from gaining access to this information that is readily available to average Canadians and even people outside our country. There’s not much more frustrating on the WWW these days than geographic restrictions for content. YouTube now blocks videos not available in Canada. The next-to-worthless Hulu video service in the States is unavailable to Canadians who don’t go to the bother of using American proxy servers. And our government is a part of this anti-information nonsense censorship.

The only good that can possibly come from Hulu and American TV networks from letting people access their culture, is that the United States’ culture will lose demand, as people fine convenient alternate sources for information and entertainment. We only have the rest of the world to choose from, literally.

Unfortunately, our government is also creating this kind of culture gap within our very own country. The people who are supposed to use networks and the Information Age to make our lives better, assume that blocked content is the norm, instead of a recent exception to life on the WWW.

Help identify blocked sites within our government
, and pressure the government to adopt Web 2.0 principles.

The Finance Department, or ones responsible for honest advertising, may never see that GM hasn’t paid back taxpayers in full, as their TV ads suggest.

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