This is what happens when you base your economy on businessmen flying in and out of countries instead of using the Internet and telephone to its greatest capacity. Economic calamity ensues. If everyone didn’t try to live on the wire, and had some patience, things would work a lot more simply when nature taps us on the shoulder and says, “Hey there, slow down and do something else for a day or two.”

Here’s what could happen if planes fly into ash.


I’m a little shocked that it is the norm to bar close friends and even partners from the bedsides of sick people who need comfort. I hope this isn’t the case in Canada too.


ADDED: My latest comment here, sits in moderation queue.

2 responses to “Shutdown

  1. Ah yes, spanking. What is spanking? A swat on the butt or a drop-the-pants-get-the-wooden-spoon beating? First, define spanking for me and then let’s discuss whether it is abuse or not. I have an especial understanding of this as an adoptive parent my wife and I had to jump through the social worker circus hoops in order to get approved. One of the hoops was a declaration that we wouldn’t spank. Sure, the supreme court says it is a legal act and many generations of parents have used it as one of many tools to parent, and natural parents have no such restrictions, but if we wanted to be parents we had to meet that higher standard. Funny, but now that we are parents and the social worker can’t say boo, we do actually use the odd swat when necessary.

    Like a lot of social science I have very little faith in the (pre-conceived) conclusions of those studies.

  2. Not only should parents be allowed to spank their children, but we should be using corporal punishment on violent criminals. Murderers, rapists and pedophiles should all feel the lash!

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