Get a Garden

April showed me this “lost goddess“, and it’d be an interesting art and garden project to undertake.


Here’s another interesting project undertaken… the arrest of the Pope. The rule of law is not that strong I’m afraid.


Want to know why health care is costing more? Here’s one reason. Babies aren’t using the exit God gave them because Doctors and hospitals want to reduce liability, and increase profits.


I’m only partly kidding when I say that if you don’t have a garden, you’re partly responsible for deaths in the 3rd World. The part of me that isn’t kidding feels guilty about not growing more of my own food, and for eating at restaurants more than twice a month.

Here’s some scary information. I’ll leave it to you to verify or disprove this theory; there will be a large food shortage this year. The food shortage predicted for last year didn’t become as bad as feared, at least not in front of my eyes. Burger King not serving tomatoes is odd, but not necessarily the end of the US economy. The rice shortage didn’t starve anyone in Regina that I know.

One way or another, the cynics are right that food production is the number one issue holding our economy and society together, and yet we have corporations mucking around with seeds and giving people useless leafy greens. We (majority of North Americans) grow little of our own food, cannot make our own bread from scratch, and depend on Monsanto to give us plants that survive deadly chemicals so we can produce almost enough to feed the 6 billion humans living today.

5 responses to “Get a Garden

  1. My mother makes her own bread, from scratch, (grinds her own wheat into flour too), and grows her own food. If the apocalypse comes, I’m moving back home.

  2. I suck at gardening. If anyone in the third world is counting on me to grow a cup of dill this year, they are in trouble. Speaking of which, I wonder when I should plant…

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