Iggy Coalition

Ignatieff will have to open the Liberal Party’s mind up (and his own) to a coalition government with the NDP and any Green MPs elected in the next federal election. If he does not, he’s going to have to settle in at Stornoway.

What’s better, let Harper blunder through another two year term, or take charge of the country and get our reputation patched up, and enact the will of the majority of citizens who vote? It’s only a little humble pie, and victory is its sauce. The only concern is the level of education in this country. It’s so low, that a good chunk of people think that cooperation is a bad thing.

9 responses to “Iggy Coalition

  1. I fully agree that the NDP and Liberals should form a coalition (not the greens though, they’re a one trick pony only and do nothing to help the left of center nor the right: not the bloc this time around, because Duceppe is reviving the sovereignty movement these days). I always thought that the left should merge together as did the Right.

    However, sad ol`reality hit me the other day. The majority of Canadians are centrists. Centrists who seem to eager to be steered on St-Stevie’s right turn. Hence, one reason a coalition won’t be formed anytime soon. Chantal Hebert did an article about this in the TO Star not long ago (don’t have the link off hand). I don’t like her column for the most part, but in this one, sadly, she makes sense.

    She said that Iggy is probably afraid that if he goes into a coalition with the NDP, he will probably have less chances of competing for the centrist vote than if he were on his own. Since Centrists are shifting more rightward, they have also been willingly served the kool-aid that the NDP are evul soshalists.

    Hebert also says the NDP aren’t all that willing, in spite of the fact that would be the closest they would ever get to governing, as they will never ever win an election on their own. Although, to hear some of them, like Jack Layton or even the egotistical Thomas Mulcair, hope springs eternal. Hebert says that they would be afraid of having their voices lost amongst the LIberals.

    Media these days is right winged and they are Harpercon cheerleaders. Hell, when even talk radio news stations allow the likes of Brian Lilley to report the news…how else did those same babyboomers who loved the progressive programs of the Trudeau era would now want to scrap it all?

    Media needs to be a hell of a lot more balanced than it is today. Media really shouldn’t be right or left. …I hope it changes soon enough.

    If a coalition formed, just watch all the pundits of Harpercon cheerleaders of corporate media paint a merged left as evul soshalists who will ‘revive Stalin’.

    Nothing frightens me more than a Harpercon majority. We shouldn’t even be entertaining that thought. Just think of the damage he and his socons will do. After one year of a Harpercon majority, the damage would be to the point of no return.

  2. CK, I can’t agree with everything you say. The Green Party is certainly not one issue. That’s like saying the Reform Party or Conservatives are “one issue”. In a country with the Marijuana, and Pirate Parties, everyone should know how to recognize true “one issue” parties.

    Sure the Cons will try to demonize any coalition, because they know it’s their death knell if they fail. Media will be cool toward it, because they don’t want to have to understand a new way of conducting parliamentary business and politics on this side of the world. And many in the Liberals are not eager because it means power sharing, which the insanely power hungry can’t stand to do.

  3. I don’t see that libs or dips are big enough to share the sand box 2 ways let alone 3. We can’t even play honest broker between them because neither Jack or Iggy seem to have any respect for May.. Sadly I think we are lost.

    Its also sad that the big thinkers meeting did not push PR, proving they don’t have any big thinkers.

  4. The whole thing was probably a, “Lets pretend we’re Stephen Harper and make noise so we get noticed”, thing. Did anyone notice anything else…apart from Robert Fowler?

  5. Now, that thinkers conference was interesting. Many ideas did come from it. Let’s be fair here.

    Folks here say Liberals can’t share the sandbox. Same can be said for NDP, particularly Jack and Mulcair. Mulcair, when on tv trashes the Liberals every chance he gets; probably as much as he slams the Harpercons.

    I don’t think Steve fears the coalition anymore from what I’ve been hearing, since last year, more and more of the Centrist majority is turning right to follow Steve.

    I think it’s wishful thinking to believe a coalition of the Liberals and NDP would actually work today, because the centrist majority needs courting.

    Malcolm, if you’re con, then, as you were. If you’re not, then perhaps you should consider this. Iggy ain’t goin’ anywhere after all the trouble the Liberals went to to get him there. Iggy would have to lose a general election in order for him to leave or be forced out the door.

    However, an Iggy loss would also mean a Harpercon win; perhaps even a majority come this fall.

    Steve is far most frightening.

  6. GAB, post Dion-Liberal Party, I think you may be right about them being unwilling to share power, they have a pig-headed man as a leader. He may well be as scary to most Canadians as Harper is, as indicated by his overall popularity (or lack of it). Although I could live with Iggy as ruler a bit easier, it still could be a blow to Canadian values of democracy if he rules without a coalition, and a weak and unpopular Liberal government could be the trigger for more Canadians to be duped into thinking Harper is some kind of leader we need or want.

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