Happy 10% Day

The Conservatives, who do not have an MP in my riding, have again wasted your money on blanketing Wascana with their propaganda. This time the loser MP responsible is Inky Mark. The Sun exposed the top losers, back in a November publishing. Roughly $10,000,000 have been wasted EACH YEAR, in recent years.

The so called “10%ers” are probably also serving the function of voter list tracking for the Conservative Party of Canada. They can use respondents’ information to help them identify support in each riding, and build a contact list to get the vote out on election day. Normally this is something a party would have to pay for, but the Conservatives have been getting it subsidized by you and I, for years.

Well, the lazy opposition parties finally got off their butts, and decided to cut 10%ers out of our lives. It’s about time, and years late in coming.

Hat Tip Impolitical

7 responses to “Happy 10% Day

  1. Reason #17 to browse political blogs: the lack of partisan bias and blanket statements.

    (Reason #1: inciteful visitor commentary.)

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