Copy, right?

Michael Moore is on NPR Wednesday morning, and TV later to talk about problems in America such as Medicaid. Doctors are dropping Medicaid patients because they lose money when they see them. Already money losing funds are being cut.


Copyright is being talked about on NPR later today, and it’s been the buzz on the web for a recent while thanks in part to a private member’s bill. Some think Angus is going too far, despite his calls for sanity in the past.


Most news in Australia comes from spin. But that can’t happen here, right? If it did, the spin would go in the opposite direction, back to the spinners, right? Now excuse me while I watch e-Talk Daily on the News at Noon, and listen to the tidbit of the day at the end of News Talk Radio’s hourly news broadcast. You never know when it will come in handy to remember that iPods come in 4 new colours, or who Ben Mulroney spent last night with.


Good grief, we have to vote on DST? I’d forgotten about that Sask Party nonsense.


Boardwalk gets back to me, but with information that doesn’t seem scientifically possible. Do you think they are blowing smoke? I’ve called their bluff, let’s see what they lay on the table.


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One response to “Copy, right?

  1. Lest your Internet constituents think I’m naught but a contrarian, I totally agree that we shouldn’t screw around with our clocks. I guess a bright side is that Dwain Lingenfelter would feel more at home around here. ;)

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