Reminders of Advancement

Sometimes there are reminders in front of us that we live in the 21st century. Darn it, we’ve got super-cool technology, at our fingertips. It makes some of the old Star Trek episodes look like it is accurately predicting the future. With this 3DSun app, it’s like having a tricorder in real life!

Then there are reminders that bring me back to reality. It’s amazing we can do anything right, in a world where marketing counts more than reality. WordPress hasn’t ever worked on my iPod. The best “fix” available is wiping my iPod and starting again. So I might just do that, by jailbreaking it perhaps. Why reinstall Apple’s problematic software to fix the problem, when I can have much more software available to me by leaving it behind?

We only know a fraction of what we should know. It’s entirely possible that thunderstorms are dangerous events for people in aircraft, and I’m not talking about lightning. Try gamma radiation, okay?

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