Saskboy on Global TV, Again

Last night I was on the Global news again. This time they asked for my comment on the Copenhagen climate change conference (last time was because Regina Car Share Co-op acquired its first vehicle in its growing fleet).

Some parts to the interview which didn’t make the cut is where Tom asked me what I thought people could do to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and who’s being a stumbling block on the path to cleaning up air pollution. I said people can car share, bike (even in the Winter), walk to work, and we should demand a better transit system in the city so people can get to work quickly using it. We also need a solar panel on every home, and windmills on most, and sell the power back to the grid at a fair price.

Stumbling blocks listed by me, included the federal government* who seems out of touch with average Canadians who are calling for reductions in air pollution, and the Wall government in Saskatchewan who are bickering over language in a global agreement. As if we can have our cake and eat it too! People are not going to pay us as much for not polluting, as they will for the energy products we pull out of the ground, but the Wall government holds onto that faint hope anyway. Face the future, and rebuild the economy to survive modern day economics that count “bads” along with “goods”.

The background for my TV appearance was Second Time Office Equipment on 627[?] G. Dewdney Ave. E. I was taking some modems in for recycling, and Darcy in the news clip happily accepted them. SARCAN would not take such computer equipment. I had a long visit with Darcy as he gave me a tour of his facility. He’s not too happy about the government giving SARCAN 100% of the money that SWEEP collects, when he does the same thing they do (only better {for the environment}). I’ll have more about this in another blog post.

*Harper recently confessed to the overseas media that the economy, not the environment required to sustain an economy, is his primary focus.

4 responses to “Saskboy on Global TV, Again

  1. Great job, Saskboy! I think it takes courage to get out there and state your views on a telecast like that. You represented yourself well. But man, you sure have alot of white hair. :)

  2. Chris, you mean my weft side is actually my wight side?

    Steve, I don’t like that slim style of glasses either. Fortunately I don’t have to wear anything other than shades.

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