Roughriders Eye-Candy

Kim K. is on her way to becoming the most recognized Roughriders fan, and she doesn’t even live in Saskatchewan. How’d she do it? She got noticed by an apparently popular website that focuses on scantily clad people. Yes, watermelons don’t only fit on top of peoples’ heads you know. It’s not the first watermelon bra I’ve seen, I’ve actually seen them in person, at Taylor Field. And they don’t always contain female breasts, either.

And watermelons don’t cost $3M either.

Hat tip to Rod

ADDED: These fellows back in 2006 had the same idea.
Watermellon Bras

7 responses to “Roughriders Eye-Candy

  1. I love the pic you have on your blog (Roughriders fans) Did you take the pic? Is it possible to use it for educational purposes? I am writing my PhD on the fans of the Roughriders.

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