105 Year Old Wood Mountain Resident Passes Away

– A photo of Wood Mountain from Bob Shields’ collection

Robert (Bob) Shields was Wood Mountain’s oldest resident when he moved to a long term care facility in Rockglen several years ago.
105 Year Old

He recently passed away, at the age of 105.

Bob was my family’s next door neighbour for several years in my early childhood. We’d often see him at the post office, and he had plastic wrapped peppermint candies handy for me when we’d meet at the mail. Those candies are still “Bob-candies” in my vocabulary.

He lived in a simple house, with running water, but no indoor bathroom. He had a valid drivers license until he was 99, and drove until he was unable to do so (and a long time after he should have been), and couldn’t get groceries for himself any longer. I recall being driven home by my parents, in a blizzard, and finding Bob’s truck in the ditch, with him shoveling it out. Dad finished digging, and towed him out, while we kept Bob’s sister, Babe, warm in our vehicle. It was fortunate we were driving home through that blizzard too, or Bob may not have made it to 105.

Now he’s buried on a hillside, and Wood Mountain’s oldest resident is a memory.

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