Happy Valentine’s Day

Roxie’s song is called “Hey Valentine”. I met her at Access 7 while I was there to appear on TV too, for Regina Car Share Co-op. Our interviews are on Access Talk of the Town today at 2pm and 5pm.




http://cdbaby.com/cd/roxielenton (The song is also available on CD Baby)

Roxie Lenton

To Vote, Or To Resolve Change

I noticed maybe a month ago that this Brand guy had a brain, and it’s a good one.

Paxman: “You’re not going to solve world problems by facetiousness.”
Brand: “We’re not going to solve them with the current system! At least facetiousness is funny.”

To detract from Brand’s point, there is still value in democratic elections, and voting. Where it’s lost value, is in races where consent to power by the majority is not really granted by anything other than their staggering ignorance of the issues and the candidates’ stances on them.

Rogers Is So Bad…

It ruins credit scores for people who aren’t even their customers!

Bell isn’t much better. They sought unowed money from my parents, after my parents regularly paid their bills to Bell, and had credit card statements to prove it, but Bell’s accounting department was in such a mess, it had multiple places to send money to, and didn’t communicate balances across their offices apparently.

The comment section of the CBC story about Rogers is littered with other people who’ve had similar disasters with national wireless companies. Yet the Con’s ‘thrown’ speech they are tossing at Canadians is said to make it easier for people to get into billing arrangements with these vampire companies. Pick-and-Pay? More like Pay-and-Pray you don’t rue the day you signed away your money to these cable and wireless goons.

We Have The Technology to Stop Air Pollution

Listen to a scientist say very clearly that we have the science and technology to create 100% renewable power in the United States within my lifetime (2050).

We’re only held back by politicians who fail to implement an urgent plan to save us, as they were required to when implementing policy during WWII from another clear threat to the American way of life.

Fukushima Keeps Staying The Worst

It’s always been /worse/. And it just keeps staying tragically the same. It’s remained a global crisis with hemispheric deadly consequences. Japan could still wind up largely uninhabitable (if it isn’t already). Canada could suffer directly a great deal.

Steam and non-water vapour has been off-gassed since the beginning.

The supporters of nuclear power have always been wrong about the extent of the damage to our environment. We have hundreds of tons of highly dangerous waste water piling up by the day at Fukushima, with no way to stop it. Can research and a better plan come soon enough to save us?

ADDED: May writes to ministers.

Turkey Arrests CBC Journalist Sasa Petricic

Saša Petricic has been arrested in the midst of covering the Occupy Gezi protest in Istanbul. This is an outrage which the Turkish government will not be able to defend themselves from.

Short hours before his arrest, this was the scene:



They were released many hours later:

Harper Did The Dion Duffy Do-Over

Mike Duffy once mocked Stephane Dion for asking for restarts to questions for a TV interview. Journalists typically grant these requests, as was explained at the time by less biased journalists. Future Conservative Senator Duffy, mocked Dion on his program.

The Duffy laughing part is loud and annoying, but otherwise it’s a funny video with lots of irony built in.

This blog post isn’t intended to make fun of the Prime Minister for needing to restart after getting tongue tied (that’s only human), it’s to point out the hypocrisy displayed by Duffy (and the scripted, fake nature of Stephen Harper being exposed doesn’t hurt either).

“[Duffy] was not fair, balanced or even-handed,” the panel said, also agreeing the rebroadcasts of the restarts were in breach of industry code.

Was Duffy’s lack of ethics the reason he was put into the Senate by Harper? If so, is it really any surprise that Duffy’s lack of ethics will get him removed also?

Peter Kent Didn’t Age Well

Kent looks the same… but his mind has left him.

Amazing CBC coverage of climate change from the early 1980s. Bob McDonald, Peter Kent, and others make appearances:
Attention Washington: Peter Kent explains Climate Change (the briefing you won’t see).

“The natural preoccupation with the weather tomorrow, the next day, or even Thursday, has distracted public attention from the longer term implications of the Greenhouse Effect.” – Peter Kent, 1984 on CBC

“The Greenhouse Effect must be considered as the world’s most serious environmental concern.” Now he’s the nation’s Environment Minister, and he acts like a POS. What he says does not match his, or his government’s actions. “December 2011 [Kent] announced Canada will withdraw from the Kyoto accord. Canada is committed to getting a new agreement, he says, but it won’t be easy.”

Some of the best/worst parts of the video included “adaptationalists” thinking increased temperatures and acidified oceans can just be adapted to (as mass plant and animal extinctions go on around us while we supposedly soldier on). Mass delusion allows humanity to carry on as it does to its certain demise. I think I know how things will go if an asteroid is observed & predicted to hit Earth within a decade… nothing, until the crash. Humans are pathetically bad at taking immediate action to prevent long term ‘fuzzy’ catastrophes.

This video shows how the Canadian Environment Minister has known for THREE DECADES of a coming calamity to his country (and the world), and now he’s in a position of power to act, and does nothing. Worse than nothing, since pollution is still increasing. His duplicitous actions (or incompetence) make me sick, and they are sealing humanity’s fate.

A News Hope

I missed this Rap News from last May. You won’t want to miss it. If it’s confusing though, you’ve got fifty minutes of documentary catch-up, plus some news footnotes to follow up on. Plus, it helps if you’ve seen Star Wars. If this is all greek/geek to you, it’s a good thing you’re reading my blog, you’ll be up to speed in ‘know time’.

I love that Hrafnsson’s daughter commented on the video. [Strange she missed an 's' in the name though ;-)]

Wikileaks: “A little group of activists…” – Julian Assange