Future Proof: Ice Storms

Last year Shane vlogged about ice storms. Let’s not wait until a big storm hits Saskatchewan before we future proof our homes being built today.

You can check out Shane’s website, and buy his book.

If I had $20,000 to spend on a “depreciating liability” (a car), or $20,000 to spend on renewable energy for my home, which would be more useful during an ice storm or other time of emergency? Arguably a car could be useful to remove myself from the place of emergency, but if there’s no enough gas, or electricity to pump the gas, or if the roads are jammed, a warm home would be much more useful.

Energy prices are only going to go up, so investing in energy systems today is an excellent choice. A company local to Regina that could help is Sound Solar, but there are others with good reputations also.

Rob Ford is Not a Nice Man #TOpoli

If you defended Rob Ford during his election campaign in 2010, I would have simply said you made a mistake. His angry outbursts against the media, and his ridiculous comments about bike lanes placed him firmly in my political opponents category then. Plus he had a history of drunk driving by that point in his life.

It’s now 3 years later, and he’s admitted to smoking crack and being an angry, drunk driving, alcoholic. If you’re still defending the man as recently as this past Summer, or last month, you’re making a big mistake.

Today, you have even more egg on your face, if you hold more than a shred of human sympathy for this dangerous, oafish, thug.

Trained to Wreck

What’s with short term (and long term) memory loss in this country?

Who could forget Ralph Klein’s drunken abuse a decade ago?
Canada: Alberta Premier berates homeless in visit to shelter

Regina politics isn’t so far removed from showing symptoms mentioned by both Coyne, and uneven behaviour from a Mayoral candidate who refuses to quit despite broad public disapproval.

Nick Kouvalis on how Rob Forb won:[recording]

Political strategist Nick Kouvalis talks about his experience managing Rob Ford’s successful run for Toronto’s Mayoral race of 2010. While the city’s government was bloated, and taxes were too high, Ford’s message of “Respect for Taxpayers” and stopping the gravy train resonated, thanks in part to money for voter outreach phone calls and volunteers to go talk to voters.

Yes, the proud, robocalling Kouvalis can also be partially blamed for RoFo.

Now, if you’d kindly look away again, I get some Ford jokes out of the way, in a batch.
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Rob Ford Does The Expected

If there’s an incriminating video out there, naturally you’d hire a criminal cracker to destroy every copy.


Then spend months denying there’s a video. When the police confirm they have recovered the video of the drug abuse, admit to drug use, but a legal drug.
Then admit to using the other drug, but not at the time the infamous video was shot.

Rob Ford is moving to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to open the next Insite clinic for “harm reduction”. This leaves PM Harper fuming.

What he actually said during his apology press conference was:
“I feel like a 1000lbs have been lifted off my shoulders.”
“I would do anything, absolutely anything, to change the past.” Even do crack?

“I want to be clear, I want to be crystal clear…” Crystal meth clear. Clear, but not how Harper is ‘perfectly clear’. So scripted, yet so heartfelt at the same time. Odd.

Global News commentator was saying Ford’s advisers should tell him to step aside to treat his alleged larger addiction problem, because “voters love a comeback story”. Voters would love a Mayor who isn’t a crackhead drug abuser with dangerous mood swings, poor self control, and thoughtless policies that make their city less prepared for the present and future. If they equate those needs with Ford again, they’ll get the wreck of a man they collectively deserve.

Many are predicting Ford’s re-election next year. I predict he’ll become too infirm from natural causes to serve, or end up in jail as most serious drug abusers seem to do in Harper’s “tough on crime” Canada.

Rob Ford 2012 vs Rob Ford 2013

Stephen Harper urges tougher crime laws, meets with Rob Ford
The mayor met privately with the prime minister in Scarborough for almost an hour Tuesday to talk about curbing gun violence.

Harper and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford held their own meeting on the issue on Tuesday, snubbing Premier Dalton McGuinty, who had asked for all three levels of government to be at the table for a discussion.

After Harper’s motorcade had left, Ford climbed into his SUV in a secure police parking area and drove quickly past waiting reporters and residents who had hoped to speak with the two leaders.

In a two-paragraph statement, Ford later said they had a “very productive conversation” and “shared a number of ideas that will be followed up in the next weeks and months . . . to make sure we have the tools in place to better prevent gang violence and protect the public from criminals.”

Now, Harper is all, “Rob who?”

Toronto shooting: Mayor Rob Ford says gang members should leave the city
“Go somewhere else. I don’t want ‘em living in the city anymore,” Ford said of gang members returning from jail.

Ford also said he will meet with Premier Dalton McGuinty on Monday to ask for more money for policing, not for social programs.

“It just tore my heart apart. And I just thought, this is not the city that we live in, this is — I was mad. More than upset, I was mad. I said, ‘Enough’s enough.’ I’m lookin’ around, and I said, ‘I’m not gonna sit here, I’m gonna be proactive.’ I talked to the premier, got a hold of the premier, called the prime minister’s office, I said, ‘I want meetings. I want something to be done.’ I want these people out of the city. And I’m not going to stop. Not put ’em in jail, then come back and you can live in the city. No. I want ’em out of the city. Go somewhere else. I don’t want ’em living in the city anymore,” Ford said.

He returned to the point later in the interview. “We have to send a message. Three years for possession of a handgun? That’s nonsense. You should do some serious hard time, and not come back here. Once you come out, out of jail, get out of the city. Go somewhere else,” he said.


“We must use every legal means to make life for these thugs miserable, to put them behind bars, or to run them out of town,” he said. “We will not rest until being a gang member is a miserable, undesirable life.

“Some people have suggested there is a gang war brewing,” Ford said. “I don’t know if that’s true. But, I do know it’s time for us to declare war on these violent gangs.”

2013 comes around and we see a photo of Ford posing with a gang and hear of a video where he is allegedly smoking crack.
rob ford with gang

Rob Ford in 2013 is the “proactive” “tool” fighting drug crime by infiltrating it, right?

Shooting victim from last year’s drug connected shooting spree that inspired Ford to be a proactive tool:

Horoscope for a dead girl’s zombie Twitter account:

It seems as if one phase of your life is falling away, and you aren’t all that unhappy about its demise. If you have been floating along, waiting for something to inspire you, this could be your chance. It’s as if you are expecting guests, yet you don’t know who they are or when they will arrive. Nevertheless, there is a lot to do right now in preparation of your next adventure, so get busy without wasting a precious moment.

Deep Municipal Scandals

When we thought Toronto’s crack Mayor Rob Ford was about to take the national scandal prize, Montreal’s replacement Mayor Michael Appelbaum rides (in a police car) to the rescue with corruption charges. What major city mayor is next to implode? Are Canadian municipal elections selecting the best political candidate they could be?


Added to the Harper Parade of Perps is the accused Saulie Zajdel, a “shadow MP” in Irwin Cotler’s Montreal riding. “Reprehensible” push polling was done by Campaign Research for the Conservatives in that riding, in an effort to position Zajdel for a Conservative MP seat next election.

Toronto Conservative Politics

Fords. Drugs. Murder. I think Ford should have stepped aside when he was turfed for conflict of interest. He clearly broke under the pressure, and his world has crumbled around him.

Gawker writes:

As we initially pledged, if we are unable to consummate a deal and obtain the video, we will donate 100% of the proceeds to a Canadian nonprofit that addresses the consequences of substance abuse. We haven’t selected an institution yet. We will do so when and if the time comes.

I am frankly shocked and heartened that this actually happened. We are going to try very hard to make it work. Don’t smoke crack.

Honesty In Politics: Punished, With Good Reason?

If politicians don’t start being a little more brutally honest about some well established facts, and how they endanger life, then expect them to support laws that endanger us all. For instance, if our POS Environment Minister Peter Kent hadn’t made a habit of lying about the danger of climate change, then I wouldn’t be spilling all over his sudden, insincere reversal in stated thought.

“You don’t have to convince me that climate change is a very real and present danger and we need to address it. [...] We would ignore it at our peril.” — Peter “POS” Kent. So, thanks for imperiling us until this point, jerk.

The Conservatives’ climate killing carbon nonsense is being mocked in the House too. Yet people in positions of some power to do something about our deadly pollution problems get little support from media who’ve thrown their lot in with ignorance long ago and peddle it to consumers as an acceptable political position.

Truthiness is a big, deadly problem:
“We just believe that the plastic bag has never been a problem for the environment.” [link added to make my point] That quote is from a literal Bag Man. ““We’re very happy,’ plastics industry spokesperson Joe Hruska told reporters.” Toronto City lawyers, afraid of being sued by the plastics industry, backed down and council buckled too. Instead of doing what was right, they did what seemed easy, to the detriment of our land, oceans, and our lives.

BONUS IMPERILMENT: For more brain cell killing stupidity from Canadian Conservative politicians, check this out: (fcpp.org/publication.php/4135 Senator Greene-Rain embarrasses herself)
“The “CO2 is carbon” mistake is a common misconception, and it unjustifiably encourages people to view this benign gas as dirty, which indeed it is not.”

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown

Justin Bieber at the Grey Cup wasn’t the only ‘interesting’ pop music story of yesterday.

I’m not a Bieber expert (Belieber), but I did watch his biopic a few months ago, and he’s certainly got some real musical talent. How he is as a human being will probably degrade with his over-worldly fame, but he has a long way to drop before he reaches the level of Chris Brown. Brown got into an argument on Twitter yesterday with wise-cracking Jenny Johnson. Jenny was calling the woman-beating Brown names, and he called her names back (spelled badly) and told her to do graphic things with his male body parts before saying he was going to defecate on her “retina” (the part inside her eyes, so one must think he meant cornea unless he was trying to be impossibly ridiculous).

He then seemed to have quit Twitter (or his agent quit it for him, like Senator Brazeau), because last night during the game while I was trying to click his username, Twitter said the user didn’t exist. If only Rhianna could be so lucky (it was Brown who beat her face to a pulp the other year).

Of course Brown’s rabid fans are no model of civility either, with several of them sending death threats to Johnson. Here’s a sampling of some of the boors that are less violent, but still have questionable idols:



I’ll take these ignorant kids over those “adults” listed above, any day:

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Snow Way That’s Cool

My bad. I put away the snow shovel before June. Sorry Regina.
I saw snowflakes flying in the street lights as I left the Lawson Thursday night.

John Klein at City Hall

As you may have noticed, I’m now an aspiring politician as well as a political blogger. We’ll see how my political blogging insight/baggage/humour serves me in my upcoming race to become a Regina City Councillor. You’re invited to enjoy the show too. If you’re in Regina, I hope you’ll offer to support my campaign too, and help show it’s possible for young people who grew up blogging/facebooking to win political office (despite all of their hilarious hijinks indexed in Google). For instance, did you know I twice sold half eaten sandwiches (the first buyer has already endorsed my campaign, via Twitter)? True story. It’s also true that I can be serious when the time calls for it, so I hope my online personality is taken with a grain of salt if you’ve not met me in person.

If you want the same old Saskboy bloggin’, you’re in the right place. If you want primarily press releases and campaign updates, try my campaign website. A right wing, former SK radio producer sparked an interesting discussion on Twitter the other day about my two accounts. I described them as “channels” so viewers of Saskboy’s Abandoned Stuff don’t get too much Regina civic politics.

Here’s a handy list of declared candidates for the Regina civic election.


In important news I’ve not had time yet to blog about, the RoboCon investigation proceeds out of view of the media. As the Etobicoke Centre election nullification demonstrates, EC has been incompetent [paperwork, and enforcing, and not losing it] on at least one front, and appears to take too much time to convict guilty Elections Act violators in other serious circumstances. Four lead investigators will never sift through the 800 serious reports of illegal phone calls made, in time to punish the benefactors and perpetrators of the crimes.

The other Elections Canada investigator whose name has surfaced in connection with the robocalls investigation is Mr. Charbonneau, though he appears to be focused on investigating possible instances of fraudulent phone calls being reported to Elections Canada outside the riding of Guelph, Ont. Based on media reports, Mr. Charbonneau has interviewed people in Thunder Bay, Toronto, and the riding of Nipissing-Timiskaming, Ont.

Once the Elections Canada investigation is complete, the findings would be turned over to Commissioner of Canada Elections William Corbett, who would then decide whether charges should be laid.

Meanwhile, Conservative MP Ted Optiz’s 2011 federal election win last year was declared null and void by an Ontario Superior Court judge on Friday, May 18. Mr. Opitz won the election by 26 votes, but former Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj challenged the election result in court over voting irregularities, according to the CBC.

Justice Thomas Lederer set aside 79 ballots in his ruling in Toronto. Mr. Optiz has eight days to appeal, according to the CBC, and if he does, the case could be heard by the Supreme Court by June.

Meanwhile, the federal Conservatives reportedly want the Federal Court to throw out the Council of Canadians’ legal challenge that claims misleading telephone calls were made in the last election in seven ridings, including: Elmwood-Transcona, Man.; Winnipeg Centre, Man.; Don Valley East, Ont.; Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar, Sask.; Nipissing-Timiskaming, Ont.; Vancouver Island, B.C.; and Yukon.

Will we see the Ontario Tories implicated in a new Robocalls scandal? LaRue says yes. If that happens, it’s interesting to note who the PCs’ current president is, and who he worked for prior to his latest gig organizing for Hudak’s Tories. A bit of homework for you, if you don’t know.