Freaking Saskatoon Police #YXE #SKpoli

I’m sure the Saskatoon Police do a lot of good work. They’ve really cleaned up their image since the 1990s, and it’s been decades since they’ve reportedly given anyone a [deadly] Starlight Tour. Unfortunately, a new frontier of ignorant neglect has popped up. Saskatoon Police are not taking the solicitation of lone women in cabs very seriously.

“Take the cab with another person, with a friend,” said [Saskatoon police spokeswoman Alyson] Edwards.

Absurd! Victim blaming much? Also, have you ever managed to share a cab with a friend so you both end up at home while neither is alone in the cab?

Edwards didn’t even state, or the story didn’t mention, that a cabbie kidnapping a passenger for sex, then stranding them shoeless, is a serious crime.

- It’s not always immediately clear whether an incident crosses the line into the Po-Po being dirty…

“Edwards said it’s not always immediately clear whether an incident crosses the line into criminal activity. She said police work closely with taxi companies.

“In the past we have looked at removing those licences if we have had problems,” she said.”

“Work closely with taxi companies”? Horseshit. Try working closely with citizens sexually harassed by gross cabbies who should be in jail! {Never trust public figures saying they are “working closely”.}

Danger Cat writes: pardon my language, but that is some fucking bullshit. Where are we living that a woman needs to travel with another person to prevent her from being sexually harassed in a cab? Yeah – that’s criminal activity. It’s called SOLICITING. It’s called HARASSMENT.

Saskatoon Police, you work for the women of Saskatoon, not a taxi company or its gross sexual violators. Having your spokesperson blame women for creating a dangerous situation, and saying it’s not clear if crime has taken place given the serious, specific, and repeated accusations, is irresponsible. It sends the wrong message to women, and the wrong message to taxi companies and their unsafe drivers.

delee83 writes:
This is a poor headline choice that incorrectly places blame on the victim. It should read “Taxi drivers accused of sexual harassment.” Despicable, completely unjustifiable behaviour.

Government Can Watch You Have Sex

Here’s how to let the NSA know when you’re having sex:

1.) Buy a Nike (or related) workout monitor, or keep your (smart) cell phone (or tablet) on your person or the soft surface where you are engaged in intercourse.
2.) Ensure the workout arm band or cell phone is turned on and uploading your statistics to the Net.

You’re done. You’re an accidental exhibitionist in the NSA’s all seeing electronic eyes.

I’ve described cell phones as “digital leashes” for spouses, for years. It’s not too far off from the truth, is it?

bike odo
-Not wired to the Internet, but uploaded anyway. Yes, there are privacy implications with this too.

iPhones have had apps available for years now, which track sleeping patterns based on bed movement, in order to set off an alarm to wake a person up at an ideal point in their sleep cycle. They do not all filter out bed movement from activities other than sleeping.
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Penis, Man, and Vagina Argue on UK Street

Here’s a story you don’t hear every day. That’s the fun of costumes, and prudery. A man threw a dick head onto the ground, and the vagina tried to calm the situation down.

A hard street performance to pull off.

A hard street performance to pull off.

(Photo care of central somerset gazette)

That man, and that cop who broke up the street performance, sound like they are both wankers (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

The Pope is Quitting

So, the Pope, Benedict (the something number) is quitting. Is he crazy? Probably. Who would quit being a supreme religious world leader unless they were suffering from dementia and are unable to continue?

So we have a religious scandal today; now all we need is a big political and sex scandal too, and the trinity of forbidden conversation topics will be unavoidable during idle conversation (*cackles maniacally*).

High School Isn’t What It Used To Be

Imagine the embarrassment of being a teenager again, except now your source of torment is not limited to forced school interaction with ruthless bullies, but now occurs at home and around the WWW too.

Sexual attitudes need to quickly change, and treatment of bullies needs to radically evolve if we’re to save kids like Amanda Todd from social torture and early deaths.


Good Ol’ American Sex Scandal

The American media is very primitive, which is why it avoids complex and important issues, and instead resorts to tabloid topics like sex scandals. While their country is embroiled in an unprovoked war in Iraq, occupies Afghanistan (along with Canada), and itches to bomb Iran for oil, they’re worried more about where the wiener Petraeus has been.

It pretty much doesn’t matter, and it’s par for the course, yet it’s popular to talk about because it involves powerful people being shamed. It’s not exactly Wikileaks’ level of interesting, yet it will lead to many old stories being looked at in a slightly new, sexy light.

So far it only offers scant hope to Republicans that they can somehow embarrass Obama or impeach him over an unrelated event in Benghazi, Libya, and a shirtless FBI male agent whose photo was published today with shot-up dummies. No photo bombing, or anything remotely interesting. Expect this scandal to blow over in a month if no new tie-ins are made.

It’s not directly related, but Greenwald had an interesting email exchange with a US Army Colonel years ago.

England Threatens to Risk War With Latin America to Please United States!

I wish my title was embellished, but it’s been a crazy 24 hours. The background to this story is that Wikileaks‘ editor Julian Assange is holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London, waiting for the Ecuadorian President Correa to rule on his asylum bid. It’s expected that asylum will be granted on Thursday. One way or another, the UK has threatened to storm the Ecuadorian embassy and take Assange into their custody for rendition, err… extradition to Sweden for “questioning”. From there, it’s widely expected Assange will be extradited to the USA for torture and eventually death in retribution for unleashing Cablegate.

The whole “Assange is a rapist, and people who support him and Wikileaks supports rape” comments found on Twitter and elsewhere, is propaganda of the worst kind. It’s convincing otherwise intelligent people to put prosecution of sexual misconduct at a higher priority than preserving free speech and democracy! Look at unfree countries and tell me women are treated equal to men or better there.

If political prisoners, like Assange, are not universally defended, then the state will simply accuse anyone it finds a threat as being a sexual deviant. Since propagandized individuals don’t see through that old ploy, they’ll cheer as our top journalists are imprisoned, and weaker journalists shut up to avoid going to jail. Bye bye democracy. Then bye bye feminism.

Casserole Regina

I’m getting seriously pissed off explaining to people privileged who live in free democratic countries like England, Canada, and New Zealand, that we PROTECT political prisoners, not cheer for their prosecution. We are becoming the bad guys, as western nations. Our moral high ground over China, South Africa, and elsewhere with poor reputations, is rapidly being ceded to pursue a bogus rape charge for the most innovative journalist to make waves in decades.

TonoFonseca 2012/08/15 at 5:51 PM ET:
I never, ever, thought, in a million years, I would be siding with Ecuador against Britain. It is sad how countries like Britain, Canada, and the USA are becoming just like the police states we fought against in WWII and the Cold War.

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Last week I didn’t know Chick-Fil-A existed, or how to say it. I wish I still didn’t. That sack of meat, dirt bag owner of the chain is welcome to cluck right off.

What sort of faux-Christianity is it to use the Bible to fill a capitalist business after they express hatred toward a much abused minority group? Why wouldn’t that effort be put toward filling food bank coffers for that same rally day?

It’s a prime example of hate preventing love from making the world a better place, and it’s being lauded by the very influential people who should know, and lead better.


On second thought, it’s more likely that Jesus would have stood in line while cussing homosexuals, just like everyone else doing what conservative politicians told them to do, then filled his face with greasy chicken sandwich to support the right of a wealthy man to hate freely by spending money on groups whose aim it is to eliminate gay people. WWJD? That, obviously.

Sooner or later these hateful twerps like Santorum, Huckabee, and Michelle Bachman will realize that their hatred for an estimated 1/10th of the American public (if not higher due to all of the heterosexual people who get along with homosexual people just fine), is part of the reason why they will never be serious contenders for President [even as Republicans].

Stunning Disruptors

Asbestos was a miracle mineral, preventing fires in places we didn’t wan to burn. Then people started dying from it. “Antibacterial” soap was lauded by people as the solution to ordinary old soap, and our dirty, dirty world. And couches were catching on fire as potatoes sat on them watching boob tubes, smoking their formaldehyde cigarettes, warming themselves in electric Snuggies. MMMM, smoky roasted couch potato chips!

Laundry Degergent disclaimer Doula

Where am I going with this? Breasts, obviously. Turns out that breasts soak up toxic chemicals and fake hormones like Bounty absorbs that inconvenient Lysol spill.

What is an endocrine system? Who cares, right? You might, if you know someone affected by breast cancer.

The canary in the human body

“We live in constant conversation with our air, our water and our food, and it turns out our bodies are more like trees than they are like temples,” says Ms. Williams, who describes modern breasts as marinating in hormones and toxins. “We know that breasts get more tumours than any other organ in the body after skin, and I was interested, as so many people are, in the relationship between carcinogens and breast tissue.” She also was fascinated by the breast’s vulnerability to the latest man-made environmental villain, endocrine disrupters. Breasts, she writes, contain “a dense supply of receptors that sit on cell walls like hungry Venus fly traps, waiting around to catch passing molecules of estrogen, nature’s first hormone.”

[emphasis added]

Hmm, look what the Canadian government admitted just a couple months ago. Antibacterial soap additive triclosan is a cancer risk.

At the time, the government said it would be looking at phthalates, flame retardants, boron, selenium, cobalt and other chemicals in the second phase, as well as finalizing its risk assessment of triclosan.

Smith and co-author Bruce Lourie took aim at triclosan for their book, published in 2009.

Smith, who banished triclosan from his home years ago after reading studies identifying the antibacterial agent as a possible endocrine disrupter, saw the levels rise in his body by 2,900 times after using, over a two-day period, brand-name deodorant, toothpaste, anti-bacterial soap and shaving cream containing triclosan.

What’s in all of the soaps from Bath and Body Works that my wife bought? A toxic chemical that hates breasts. Oh oh.

Why is the government allowing soap and couches to be sold with toxins that kill people? Is this a new problem? No, just look at asbestos. I guess we’ll soon be banning toxic antibacterial soap from Canada, and shipping the toxic waste to India instead.

Blog Navel Gazing

Here’s some stuff that will probably not interest you, but I make available anyway for some laughs and potential humility/humour.

I saw some very interesting search terms recently finding my blog. The most funny was
“biggest cock in america”
Which someone found because I wrote about the Biggest Cock-up Ever, I assume anyway. I’m not in America, for one thing, and my penis isn’t either.

Another more interesting search was someone musing if Stats Canada is going to be made redundant by a Big Brother database like the Conservative’s CIMS. You see, if a winning political party has already gathered and data mined everything about every voter in Canada, there’s not much more counting to do. Just have the government pay RMG a few more million, fire Stats Can. staff, and the government will know everything (while everyone without access to CIMS is kept in the dark).