Dr. Strangelove Was More Of a Documentary Than We Thought

This is a little bit terrifying, in the context of world destruction. Dr. Strangelove was a great movie in the 60s about a military base commander going crazy and ordering a nuclear strike on Russia without Presidential authorization. It should be remade today with another great comedic actor like Steve Carell.

It turns out, MAD was real, and the Russians didn’t tell anyone about it making it pointless. Way to go, crazy Russians.


“Earthstorm” [3/10] is barely a 3. Humour value at least. My girlfriend guessed the ending. It was Armageddon meets Harlequin. #Bmovie

Solve problems by blowing up the Moon, with nukes.


Earlier I watched “Shutter Island” [8/10] which was good and terrifying.

Pacific Rim

I watched “Pacific Rim” [7/10] after “Super 8″ [7/10] and was not as impressed by either as I’d hoped to be. First, I can’t hear Pacific Rim any more without thinking Job after, thanks to the team named that at Owl Pub Trivia I go to frequently. Second, the movie is the same script as Indpendence Day, so that was sort of sad. The whole part of flying out of the atmosphere, using wing flapping, was a little unbelievable too. A lot, I mean. Super 8 was more believable, for another alien flick.

Bus-Taker’s Guide To The Galaxy

I helped invent and host a city bus tour to a movie theatre from the Riddell Centre on Tuesday evening. It went very well, even though our bus was 20 minutes late when first leaving. The weather was astoundingly perfect, and the ten people who went all seemed to enjoy the evening very much. I think UR Sustainability Club will organize another tour like this one, later this semester.

Half of the group saw “Elysium” [7/10] a futuristic movie about a man dying to get to a satellite habitat where magical medical technology can heal nearly anything. The other went to the World’s End, or something like that. They seemed shocked by what they saw. The movie I saw was alright, but probably won’t watch it again.

Cycling In Regina Isn’t Always Easy

What’s it like for a Regina cyclist to go see a movie?

Besides homicidal/comical drivers (from Alberta),

there are flooded Multi Use Pathways,
Biking from the SW to the NE poses a few problems

and underpasses that are creeks.
Biking from the SW to the NE poses a few problems

Persist past those hazards, and there are gravelly “Shared” bike lanes with parked cars ready to give you the “door-prize”.
Biking from the SW to the NE poses a few problems

Can you see drivers being as patient and persistent as Regina’s cyclists? Despite the flooded dead-ends without detour signs, I made the 11km bike ride from the south west, to the north east in under an hour, so I could catch the latest “Star Trek Into Darkness” [10/10]. I’d highly recommend trying it. The film was great fun too. *rim shot*

A Few Movies

Taking some time on the weekend to waste a little time, I caught up on some movies. “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” [6/10] was extremely uncomfortable at times, and oh so predictable, but still enjoyable enough to get a passing mark. The Spock on TV joke during the movie helped me figure out the voice of Sentinal Prime, who I recognized eventually as Leonard Nimoy’s, but couldn’t name at first. They later had him make another Star Trek joke, claiming “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. On Friday I’d watched the end of “Star Trek Generations” [7/10] and all of “Star Trek First Contact” [10/10]. I finally finished watching “X Men First Class” [8/10] after starting it months ago, then not having an easy means on hand to watch the conclusion after the Russian mansion is stormed.

All that wasn’t enough. I also watched the alternate reality WWII film “Inglorious Basterds” [8/10] and found it less gruesome than I expected for a Tarantino movie.

Django; The ‘D’eath Is Not Silent

Watched “Django Unchained” [7/10], and realized that bodies were exploding because it was a Tarantino movie. It went about as expected. Some parts should not be watched, or it will cause trauma; Like the dogs ripping someone apart. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear this Jim Croce song.

Before arriving at the Golden Mile theatre, there was a white husky dog with a green (shock?, tracking?) box collar on, and a Regina tag, but I couldn’t get the number on it to call the City because the dog would nip when I held his collar. It ran off to a car to investigate a barking dog, and I let nature (and the SPCA) take its course.