Bank of America Takes Rolling Stone Pounding

Holy crap! Rolling Stone tears limbs from the zombie Bank of America. You probably won’t read a more blistering, or researched condemnation of the 1% “Royalty” that literally has the state paying billions for the crimes of a few men it refuses to send to jail. BoA is one big reason why Occupy Wall Street exists, and must succeed in bringing about charges against the criminals who’ve absolutely imperiled the global economy with their greed and incompetence.

It’s an absolute tragedy that the WikiLeaks files on BoA are presumed stolen and lost by DDB who betrayed the journalistic organization to start his own “Open Leaks” website. We can only hope that the original leakers of the destroyed documents, maintained access or a copy of their leaks, and are willing to try again.

Digital Star Credit Card Scam – GLOBAL PAYMENTS – UPDATED

I’m a recent victim of Credit Card Crime. I’m actually kind of amused/intrigued by it.
My Visa was used by criminals to send ~$75 to “Digital Star” in the UK. Fraudulent charges appeared first after Feb. 3. Check your Visa, doesn’t matter which bank.

The charges were made by phone or Internet, Visa rep couldn’t distinguish! He suggested I phone Digital Star in the UK to first confirm I hadn’t dealt with them, although I was pretty sure I hadn’t made any ticket purchases in the UK, since I didn’t plan on going there anytime soon.

I’m not overly worried that my computer is compromised (cross my legs, hope to fly), and figure a business got hacked. Now I need to figure out everywhere online I have recurring payments set up, and add the new number. That’s a 10 day wait, and that’s the only downside to this, since I won’t have to pay the $150 missing from my credit.

UPDATE March 31, 2012
Ok, tonight CTV News reported Global Payments was breached, and up to 10 million cards could be compromised. The charges would have been in Jan. And Feb. I think we just learned what did this to us.

Lazy Loitering Louts

In light of the Occupy movements, younger people will find this vintage video from Vancouver, very vivid. You have to wait until the very end too for a killer video joke. The mayor, pictured in 1968, passed away yesterday at age 85. His vision lives on in the 1%.


TD Bank made record profits again recently (they almost always do manage that), and here’s a part of why/how. I didn’t use my line of credit very much, always paying it off entirely very quickly when I did use it. Last year though I decided to borrow a little from it, to pay for my wedding. Expecting to pay it off sometime next year, I had a rather reasonable ~7% interest rate. I got a letter in the mail the other day from TD, however, stating that I was having my interest variance rate reviewed, and it was being upped by 1.25%! I phoned today to complain, and the call taker said that many people are calling, unhappy with up to 4% interest rate changes! Yet another reason to consider quickly switching more completely to credit unions instead, eh?


Here’s where I saw the Vancouver mayor clip. It was on the Big Oily Questions for MPs page. Our lazy, loitering, louts in the House of Commons for the most part won’t give you a straight answer to these tough questions. I can answer them though. The answer is beneath the questions, as it’s the same answer for all of them.

1. Why aren’t some oil sands revenues being set aside for future Canadians?

2. Are we harming our democracy?

3. Are you aware of ‘Dutch Disease,’ and if so, how do we prevent it from eroding vital parts of Canada’s economy?

4. Have you examined the geopolitical risks of tying our fate to China as superpower?

5. Are we boarding an economic roller-coaster that could crash?

6. Why aren’t we taking a strategy that would directly shore up our own energy security?

7. Why raise fears about charities whose foreign funding is a tiny percentage of what China invests in Canada’s economy and politics?

8. Does becoming more oil rich mean we also will become more militarized?

9. Have we abandoned commitments to lower carbon emissions to help prevent catastrophic climate change?

10. Why not refine it here, creating jobs and lowering risks?

11. Were you elected to hasten pollution and increase cancer risks for Canadians?

Answer (in my best Harper voice):
In these challenging economic times, we have to remember that Iran frightens me. Therefore we must diversify our markets, and focus on the economy. I don’t see a recession coming, but these foreign special interests are trying to stop our ethical oil production and exports which must now be allowed to falter. The most dangerous thing in the world is Iran, not cancer. Don’t let the hippies turn Canada into a giant National Park for our American friends.

Canadian Banks Made Millions from Illegal Secret Fed Loan

The other day I saw a video of Dennis Kucinich, an American Congressman, reviewing a scandal which I thought was years old. It was actually breaking news with important new information. Just when you thought Wall Street’s scandals couldn’t get much worse, details have come to light this week thanks to persistent investigative journalists who’ve revealed that the Federal Reserve gave $7.7 T R I L L I O N (Trillion, with a ‘t’) dollars to banks since 2008, interest free, to bail them out, on top of the TARP money of $800 Billion. If your mind, and sense of rage haven’t both blown up, you’ve either run out of steam or haven’t yet realized how much this has hurt you.

Free Syria and Occupy Regina

Occupy Wall Street exists in large part due to the people who cooked up this secret Fed loan (which has since been repaid, at no profit to the public, but with plenty of profit to private bankers estimated at $13 Billion). Canadian banks snuggled up to the secret trough too, even though they like to claim they never needed any bailout money. TD Canada Trust, Royal, Scotia, and many other banks all made hundreds of millions of dollars in profit from the American public’s money, in secret, revealed only due to investigative journalism. Congress was deceived (and if it was not, and was secretly in on the scam, then the public has a lot more to worry about).

Americans may be furious that Canadian and world banks made billions from their money, while there are literally millions of Americans living without healthcare that the rest of us take for granted. I expect people to go to jail for this kind of deception. Given what I’ve seen so far, I don’t expect even trials for the criminals who perpetrated this fraud that makes Bernie Madoff look like a schoolyard bully.
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Occupy A Job

There is no shortage of angry people with no civics training, calling for Occupy Regina (Wall Street) protesters to “get a job”. As an Occupy Regina protester, I have a job. If I wasn’t employed, I’d still find a job volunteering, while I look for other paid employment. Those volunteering their time in Victoria Park are also doing a very important job: defending our constitution from attack, while standing up for justice and positive change that helps the people in our world who have less than we do.

Occupy Regina November 8

Whoever said sitting peacefully wasn’t a political act that can change the world, has never heard of Rosa Parks, or Gandhi.

And City governments ought to think twice about infringing on protesters’ Charter rights in Canada, and First Amendment right in the USA.

Dream No Small Dreams – End Poverty

Should we eliminate poverty? It’s a ridiculous question made serious by people who have lost sight of their dreams in a wasteland of practicality and concession; They’re practical, to the point of inactivity where it counts the most. When a man has his feet nailed to the floor, do we stop the bleeding, but leave the nails in place and leave him immobilized?

Fiscal conservatives are arguing with me that trying to solve a massive societal problem will create other problems, so we shouldn’t even try to take the nails out of the feet of people. What if the man nailed himself to the floor? Well, healthy people don’t do that, so find out why and solve that problem. If you can anticipate problems when you implement a solution, that doesn’t mean you don’t implement the solution! Modern medicine prescribes a long list of drugs with known side effects, yet more people than ever take drugs. Some drugs are taken explicitly to deal with the side effects caused by the other(s) designed to treat the original symptom.

So do I think poverty can be eliminated? Of course I do! There are examples all over North America of communities without the symptoms of poverty (homelessness and hunger), we just have to scale the solutions up to extend into every corner of the province, country, and then world. Will there be people with less, and people with more? Yes, but those with less should have a roof, clothing, heat, food, and access to education/communication. We don’t have to give the impoverished everything from an iPod to a mansion, but we can give them the essential items anyone needs to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. After all, it’s hard to pull on bootstraps that aren’t there, and even harder if feet are nailed to the floor by hunger or illness.

thekyleguy Kyle Lichtenwald:
@joel_sopp wouldn’t it be better if we didn’t need soup kitchens. #SaskParty is so reactionary.

joel_sopp Joel Sopp:
@thekyleguy @saskboy Please explain. #skvotes

saskboy Saskboy K.:
@joel_sopp @thekyleguy if you eliminate poverty, there is no need for soup kitchens. Seems straightforward to me.

So, if you’re wishing upon a star, wish upon one on earth. Don’t pick one in a galaxy far away.

Banks Refusing Your Money?

Did you know it’s possible to try and use your good credit, and functioning Visa or Master Card, and have the transaction refused for only $10? Try sending money to the corruption-busting website WikiLeaks, and you won’t be allowed! Visa and Master Card are among the willing participants of an ominous financial blockade that has all but shut down WikiLeaks for good.

Youtube had frozen the count at just over 300, in a possible attempt at censorship. Either that, or their counting routine stinks (which is also possible; never assume maliciousness where programming bugs are likely).

  • Pull your money from Bank of America and PayPal, and use credit unions and Ripple Pay or Bitcoin. I’ve shut down my PayPal account.
  • Use your credit cards as a last resort only.
  • Write your political representatives and newspapers to tell them this blockade of WikiLeaks is corrupt and wrong.
  • Join your local Occupy Protest and share the news of this blockade with other people you know.


WikiLeaks: Video Interview of Assange on Indian Corruption

The first part of this interview is also interesting. In this second part, to make a point, Assange reminds the interviewer that he had a Swiss bank account shut down within days of Cablegate breaking news in late 2010.

Assange also talks about Australian politics, and more about the corruption in “asset hiding” that goes on in the Caribbean and the “hostage” the Swiss banks hold now to try and prevent WikiLeaks from releasing more damning evidence of crimes by the banks.